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Sister Sister-CH 1- 39

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Oh uh....hi?


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This comic is rated 17+ for violence, blood, gore and some foul language!

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Heya, your comic looks really cool! <3
And I read it before a long time ago, when you were still updating the older version! i really like what you've done to the series!
I also really like the way you draw now, it looks so much more professional!

If I may say this, I would also stop using a high saturated red, it's pretty uncomfortable to read, especially when someone goes through the comic in one setting and there are several pages whith such dialogue in this red tone going against a black background. You used the color #FF0018, I'd go for a less saturated color like these: #DE1B2D #F25564 #A3101E
Desaturated colors wouldn't exhaust the eye as much and would look much nicer (in my opinion :))
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Oh thanks so much! I only know a few people who read the old one and came back for the new one XD I'm glad you like it so far! And thanks so much for the advice! I'm always up for critiques or ways to improve the comic ESPECIALLY if it makes it easier to read. I'll test this out and see how it looks!
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Bad Rare! Don't scare the child!
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Rare enjoys making babies cry. 
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Watch Out! It's Dragon Satin!!! RUN, FOREST, RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DoD
CrystalCircle's avatar
Literally dragon Satan! D:
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Dam... why couldn;t he be a bit cuter?!

Like Gon For Example:

Dancing Gon Icon by Liam-The-Gamer   Dancing Gon Icon by Liam-The-Gamer   Dancing Gon Icon by Liam-The-Gamer  
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I love how the glass separates the panels!
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Thank you! :D Since the void is all about looking into the comic (sorta 4th wall breaking), I couldn't use regular dividers. It wouldn't make sense for what the void is. 
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The second panel's perspective is looking great!
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Thanks! It took forever to get that to look right :faint:
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First off: Wow. Mind blown.
Second: That "fourth panel" is terrifying!!!
CrystalCircle's avatar
I'm glad you think so! I tried my best to make Rare's appearance here ominous as possible!
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Yep! It's time to run! D:
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If Bo has that kind of power, then there's something he doesn't know about himself yet.
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You're very welcome ^^
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The royals certainly had interesting techniques at their disposal.
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They were very powerful dragons, that's for sure! 
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Now wait just a minute... Why is the leaking puss now of red color?
As far as I recall it was a special substance Rare created, and it was black, not red. Did something change there?
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