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Sister Sister-CH 1- 36

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Blame my tablet for this page's lateness. It practically uninstalled itself yesterday and I had to totally re-download and install the driver :p


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What could possibly go wrong?
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It's duck and cover time!
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The top left expression was perfect there XD and something tells me this fella is not leaving Magador anytime sooner :D.
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Thanks! And yeah...not good!
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Loving your expression work!
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Thanks! :D Expressions are probably my favorite thing to draw 
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The expressions are so well done, it is amazing!
Another page, woo!
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And yaaay, the updated Icon!
My favorite one is still the April fools day one. It was just too good.
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Why do I feel a chill running down my spine? *I looked behind my shoulder* Ahh I know why... CC? Could you take back the evil ancient dragon standing behind me? XD

Excellent page, great life lessons. ^^ And now... well... shit is going to get real. I hope a future fight/massacre scene won't be too hard to draw.
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The fight scenes involve A LOT of dragons in full armor and in combat positions and poses. It'll be hard, but SO much fun to work on! I kinda like drawing fierce or fighting dragons especially with how powerful some of them really are. Also finally gives me the opportunity to talk about weapons and armor a little more. I've only talked about them briefly because I don't want to spoil anything. 
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Fair enough, but I do believe the Firewings stand no change against the Dark Angel, I think you said before that his weapons are made out of super light alloy that allows him to have swords on his wings, the rest of the lot has to use helmet swords and ect.

But personally, can't wait for the bloodbath :D
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Yep, Angel's weapons are pretty unique too as the material is rare and the processes of forging weapons out of it requires the intense flames produced my a "white breather" (a dragon that breathes white fire)...and those dragons are rare as well (Talon is one of a few known to exist currently and HIS sword is made of the same material). Angel is also probably the most skilled at using a sword besides Talon. 

And there WILL be quite the party when he arrives on the battlefield! 
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Fury goes from satisfied to horrified in record time
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You're welcome! These pages just get better and better! :nod:
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Such grand life lessons here!

... Uh oh.
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Happy to scared in .5 seconds!
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Wise words from a wise dragon. UwU
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