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Sister Sister-CH 1- 35

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And here we have Bo's fear. Fear of being hated or judged for no real reason. Hatred exists...even in the dragon world.


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niec nice nice nice nice I LIKE IT BO I LIKE YOU TOO
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np bro the bo bro ^^ xD
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You're Welcome! :D
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Oh man! I love your style and writing, and the amount of dedication you have for this comic is tremendous! I especially love the music you linked here! It goes well with this chapter!
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Thanks! :D I try to put new music on these pages often. It's usually when a scene changes or when a new character arrives I put new music in the description.
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I like this dragon, very kind and friendly.  Impressive job on this  :D
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So, royals are omnivores too? Huh.
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Can you explain why Fire wings are only carnivorous then? It seems that of we follow the logic of the elements, the Sky wings should only be herbivores.
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For that part of their anatomy it depends on their environment (much like how real-life animals are) so they can better survive. Fire wings are skilled hunters and their territory is vast and contains valleys, a large lake, and mountains filled with large prey animals and fish. Their long snouts and sharp teeth make them good fishers and their powerful back legs and dagger-like talons make good weapons to bring down larger animals. 

Sky wings live in the sky on a floating archipelago and have to eat whatever is available. They DO mainly eat vegetation and actually have farms they tend to in their kingdom. They will also eat birds they can catch in mid flight or animals they find when they do make their occasional visits to solid ground. Being large and powerful (they are one of the strongest species), they need more then just veggies to sustain them. Some sky wings choose to be strict vegetarians though.

The butterfly dragons are the only herbivore species of dragon. They eat fruit, vegetation, and insects. They have a few sharp teeth and venomous fangs they use for self-defense since they are small and live in forests with large predators. 
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Hmm, it all makes sense but just one statement: if the herbivore dragons that you named butterfly dragons eat insects, they are omnivores. And act of consumption of another species is predation.
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True...they definitely don't eat meat though. ^^
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You know this is where it is so confusing, you are a predator, yet you are not a carnivore, and neither you are an herbivore because your prey includes animate beings. How do you classify that, insectovore? Bug-meat? B-juice drinker?
CrystalCircle's avatar
I asked my biology major friend about this and she said this: A carnivore is an eater of meat, herbivore is an eater of vegetation, and actually insectivore IS a proper term! Most amphibians are insectivores and so are some reptiles. Carnivore literally translates from Latin "caro" (meat or flesh) and "vorare" (to devour). Same with herbivore which translates from Latin "herba" (plants). Insects were not considered flesh or vegetation so the term "insectivore" was made for animals who ate strictly insects. An animal that eats both vegetation and insects (like the butterfly dragons...or crested geckos) are actually considered omnivores! This is because of its translation from Latin "omnis" (all) "all eater". 
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"Who told you this? I will bite them in their sleep!" XD

Also, reasonable fear, Bo, but let those who DO like you keep your head up!
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No one be mean to Bo or his god friend will smite you! XD
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The wisps of suggestions of horns on Bo really intrigues me.
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