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Sister Sister-CH 1- 34

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I finished this during lunch, but didn't get a chance to post it until now.
And yes this is all leading up to...something. A change of scenery is coming real soon!


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sooo, he brought Bo to his dream palace just because he ... is taking care of his mental health? he is the most considerate and kind god I have ever heard of.
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This is amazing
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Wow. What a demonstration!
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Fury has a way with words AND rocks XD
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Fury rocks with words. lol
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Cool wolf dragon and powerful smart
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Wise dragon drops some knowledge.
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With old age comes wisdom. He's got lots of it :D
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Words of wisdom :) And the wing arms... So dope! :D
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Thanks! :D His wing arms are always fun to draw!
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You're welcome! :D
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so great i like it i hope to see the next page
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Very great! I love the story.
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So, my question was about the canon of this comic... The "divine" or "celestial" dragons can age and have physical ailments because of such? How is that a thing?
Otherwise, love everything on this page!
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Are you talking about the Ancients (Fury's species)? The Ancients are "almost" immortal. They can live for thousands of years and command the elements, but they do have the potential to get sick or injured and die from that or old age. More will be revealed about them as the story goes. I WISH I could tell you more about what they are and how they got to be this way, but that's a major spoiler (about half this comic is dedicated to slowly building up to that big reveal). There is a reason for everything in this comic. Magic itself has an origin and reason for it's existence. 
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Well, I have my theories on that as you have left plenty of abundant hints... You have no idea just how much I have studied all of the pages that have engravings and such, as well as the reference drawings. Muhaha!
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