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Sister Sister-CH 1- 28

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Foris says: You SHALL pass...if you give me flowers.

Just a reminder that there will be no update next week! I'll be camping with friends and family and will be without my computer for several days! I will have my phone so I can check messages occasionally, but I may not respond to them right away. 


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Smack Jeeves
Tapastic! <---temporarily not updating due to major site bugs

This comic is rated 17+ for violence, blood, gore and some foul language!

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EeveesAndDragons's avatar
Too bad he can't magic up some seeds.
CrystalCircle's avatar
Magic has it's limits unfortunately 
Helion98's avatar
Foris and Bo are so adorable :D I wanna hug them both 
Jedder77's avatar
Better than three questions.
TheLittleLiger's avatar
Foris's wings are beautiful 
MiguelofKing's avatar
You're welcome! :D
NadleehWolfDragon000's avatar
wow , a gate guardian wants his own little gardan 
NadleehWolfDragon000's avatar
guess he wants to liven up the place
zhidkovv's avatar
Not to be a party pooper, but you misspelled "Splendid" in the middle panel...
Otherwise, awesome new page!
CrystalCircle's avatar
Ah dang! I even ran this page through the spell check :P I'll fix it. Thanks for catching it!
zhidkovv's avatar
You are very welcome!
LuketehDragon's avatar
Falljoydelux's avatar
I hope Bo holds up this promise. I wanna see a happy little flower garden
CrystalCircle's avatar
It would be nice, wouldn't it :D And who would want to let Foris down? 
demonthenangel's avatar
GOD I LOVE THEM (you know who I mean)
CrystalCircle's avatar
:D I'm glad you like them!
demonthenangel's avatar
Have you started on publishing it? When do you think it will be published
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