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Sister Sister-CH 1- 08

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Sorry for the late page. I kept getting pulled into meetings. Crazy robotics season is upon us!

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Adam Shands
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Fantastic work here, you truly did this wonderfully.
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Not a good day at work, that's for sure!
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Hehe, I love how he's pulling him on his tail. The bitten off tip is kinda creepy tho' :P oh well.
CrystalCircle's avatar
At least he didn't lose his whole tail (I'm not THAT mean to my characters) XD But still, ouch! 
BirdGVee's avatar
yup. psst, I love the next page too, the last panel D8
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*sigh* if you want to get it done right, you best do it yourself.
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Tis the best way to get a job done.
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without regretting it.
Platolotl's avatar
Ouch! That must hurt! :D Good job on the page though! <33
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Owww that looks like it hurt!
CrystalCircle's avatar
Having your tail yanked and bit does sound painful...ouch!
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-reads the word robotics- :OOO You are in robotics?
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Yep! I mentor FRC Team 48, Delphi ELITE. :D 
Cosmic-Cucumbers's avatar
That is awesome!! What do you guys do?

I'm in a robotics program as well ^^ It is so much fun
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FIRST (the program I'm in) is a friendly, but competitive competition that involves only 6 weeks of designing, building, and testing a 120lb robot. We have challenges every year that we have to build a robot to complete.  Most of them are centered around sports (one year we had basketball and soccer). Other years have themes...last year's was recycling, but the game was so boring :p

This year is medieval themed!… can't wait for competition time! :D
Cosmic-Cucumbers's avatar
Ahhh i know FIRST very well. ^^ The high schools in several counties around mine got their first chance to create robots as FIRST gave them the money to do so. They build their own robots(much smaller and lighter mind you) and they had to do a course that had a underground mine theme. So they had to gather various resources and go through tunnels, etc. ^^ I got to be a referee for that, hehe.

The Robotics challenge I am in is sponsored by NASA. It's called Space Grant Consortium Robotics Challenge. Basically we have to build a robot from scratch(aka make parts by 3D printing them etc) and program it. We are not allowed to use remotes or communicate with the robot whatsoever. The robots have to be completely autonomous and think their way through a giant obstacle course taken place in sand dunes. We go against several colleges all over my state. I'm in a small junior college and we go against the big giant colleges, and we have won for six years in a row. It's awesome. It's my first year doing it and I'm having a blast.… Here's a video of the challenge that happened two years ago. In the video at 0:41 is my junior college's robot(the one with the dome on it). You can see it again from 2:10 - 2:16 again in motion(not very close though).
CrystalCircle's avatar
Oh wow that's sweet! I never heard of that program before! What's your role on the team? I would love to do something like that at my looks more fun than the dune buggy club my ME class has at my college :p It's fun designing it on the computer, but the buggy itself is less fun to build than a robot and only one person can drive the thing! 
Cosmic-Cucumbers's avatar
My role on the team is to mainly figure out the sensors on our robot like the pings, the infrareds, etc. However, i do a lot of other stuff too like helping with the actual design of the robot as well as helping make blueprints for it. It's really neat. This year as an extra credit challenge for the competition, we have to incorporate a bucket design and our robots have to find a colored golf ball, scoop it up, and bring it back while still navigating the obstacle course. This is going to be interesting :O
CrystalCircle's avatar
Oh wow awesome! I tried messing around with sensors before. I was never really good at it XD That's a crazy amount of work especially since your bot has to be 100% autonomous!  I found my place in my team when I put a few gear boxes together. I'm a designer/builder, but after I graduated I can't touch the bot anymore :( I do coach the kids how to use CAD to design the parts and teach them how to use tools and machines. I am in charge of putting complex assemblies together in CAD since we don't have time for kids to learn how to do that...also the computers at the school get super laggy when we have complex parts or assemblies on them. My computer was custom made to handle graphic-heavy programs like this CAD software. It can handle complete robot models no problem! I wish the computers at the school could. I would love to tech kids how to put the entire bot together.
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