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Fire Wing Ryae

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More fire wings :la: this time it's a fire wing-ized Ryae from Spelledeg 's webcomic, INTS: Black Gate! Ryae would most certainly be a fire wing with her attitude :D I was originally going to wait for a crowd scene to draw her and other characters people designed, but dang I really wanted to draw her! She will make an appearance at least once in the comic.

Oh and Sister Sister and Black Gate had a crossover before! Blue Eyes made a cameo in her comic on this page! (he's the one speaking first in the first panel)-->… I was so excited to see him make an appearance! Thank you again, Spell! :hug:

Please check out Black Gate! It's an awesome comic and I really love the art and concept of it ;n;…

A little note about fire wing colors, black fire wings like this (sometimes called "ash wings" or "cinder wings") are kinda rare. Fire wings are commonly brightly colored. Darker ones are no different other then the fact they tend to attract attention (are often popular) due to their rare color. Ash wings are grey or black with black stripes and sometimes have splashes of brighter colors on their wings or bellies. 
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Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3 <3

Crystal this is so cool! Omggg I'm just honored and so happy! Ryae looks so cool as a Firewing! oUo !!!

Thank you again! I'm so excited!
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I'm glad you like it! :D I can't wait till we get to a crowd scene so I can draw her into the comic. Uggg why does it have to be kinda far away :shakefist:
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She looks amazing! Yay, more badass female characters!
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There will be plenty of them! It stinks I haven't gotten to them yet uggg! I can't wait to draw them :D
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There is more? Yay!
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Cool-looking dragon! :)
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