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Cosmic dragon-art pin

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I'm alive! And I did art! (I'll write a journal later about my status and where I've been all this time).

More buttons for the con, but you can snag them all on my Etsy too! -->…

Music I drew this art to (I love this song so much!)-->…

More buttons and things-->…
Available in 1.5 inch and 3 inch sizes! See the Etsy link for details!

Do NOT post my art on tumblr!  I did that already. You can like and reblog it here -->…

PLEASE don't post my art anywhere else on the internet either! I had to deal with that a couple of times over my's not cool, it doesn't make me happy and I don't tolerate it...period! If you want to post my art someplace, ask me! I don't bite...I just get upset when people use my art...hence the watermarks.

Yay dragons! I'm making a whole bunch of pins for the con...and at the corner of my table, you can draw and use the press to make your own! (more in my upcoming journal).
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You're welcome. ^^
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Wow, that's gorgeous! It really invokes the feeling of the northern lights!
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Thanks so much! ^^ Just what I was going for! :D
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Mystical derg... :D Really cool button!
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Thank you so much! ^^
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Ooooo...smooth and shiney!:3Nice!
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That's a great looking dragon there. :) 
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Thanks so much! ^^
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You're welcome :)
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This is gorgeous!
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You're welcome!
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Dudeeeeeeee! This turned out awesome! :D Wonderful job~
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THIS is super gorgeous!!!!!
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Oh wow thanks so much! ^^
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That's beautiful! It's colors really make it seem 3D! Love the way the colors translated into the buttons too.
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