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God this took forever, but dang this was so much fun to draw! One of my friends from school keeps drawing these beautiful monster designs and she commissioned me to draw one of them. Fate is a temporary name, but she said she may stick with it. This is such a pretty girl ;n; I normally don't like rainbow colored characters, but this just works so well with all the black!

She wanted this picture to be transparent, but I'm posting a version that has a little dark background so she shows up better. I tried a new scale detailing technique that should help me with the comic! I didn't have a chance to play with it until now and it works really well!

Fate belongs to Abby M.
Art is mine. 

My commission info-->
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PLEASE don't post my art anywhere else on the internet either! It's not cool, it doesn't make me happy and I don't tolerate it...period! If you want to post my art someplace, ask me! I don't bite. I just get upset when people use my art without permission

This art is of a commissioned character that does NOT belong to me and does NOT belong to you! If you repost, you are stealing from more than just me!

If you see this image anywhere else, LET ME KNOW! They do NOT have my permission I'll state who has my permission to post my art in the comment section. 
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Fascinating creature! Excellent job with the colors!

She seems kind of grumpy about that chain on her neck though. XD
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My friend told me a little about her back story after I drew this. She's an escapee from a traveling circus that goes about the galaxy entertaining beings from different planets. One day, after a particularity abusive show, Fate turned on her trainers by snapping the chains that bound her and attacked them. She currently prowls the nearby forest dragging what is left of her bindings and shows it off to other beings as a show of her strength. It's her trophy for escaping something that has caused her so much pain.

She's panning on doing a story about this and I may do future illustrations for her :D A lot of the beasts she draws are part of this circus. 
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Very interesting monster. :) I like all the colors.
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Thanks! :D she is ALL the colors XD
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That looks incredible!!
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Awesome Art. Call it the Most Dangerous Rainbow Dragon .
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XD That would be a suiting name!
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Yeah, Oh check out "Apocalypse Rising" It's Very Awesomely well made. Here's the Link :…
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