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Alpha Toothless-Chalk art

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Wooooo he's done! The chalk fest was a blast! I really loved hearing little kids (and a few teens and adults) running over and shouting "It's Toothless!" behind my back as I was drawing. I loved seeing them smile and give them high fives with my chalky hands. After about five hours of drawing constantly on my hands and knees, I was able to break free and look at other artworks. LOTS of great artists there! And yeah...I'm REALLY sore from being on hard concrete for five hours straight...even with knee pads :p Wort it

This was drawn at the Cleveland Art Fest on September 20th, 2015!

My progress shots -->…

The image this was drawn from-->

Buttons you can buy-->

Do NOT post my art on tumblr!  I did that already. You can like and reblog it here -->…

PLEASE don't post my art anywhere else on the internet either! It's not cool, it doesn't make me happy and I don't tolerate it...period! If you want to post my art someplace, ask me! I don't bite. I just get upset when people use my art without permission

If you see this image anywhere else, LET ME KNOW! They do NOT have my permission I'll state who has my permission to post my art in the comment section. 
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I love this I just had a dream last night of how to train your dragon idk why
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And I found this while looking at chalk.
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Woa, this looks wonderful!
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That looks so cool. Nice work :D
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I am never going to able to do chalk like this. Your work is really good.
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Nice! It tuned out well with chalk. :)
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It looks really awesome!!  :D
Great job on the chalk art!
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