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I've made a new account, this time it's actually called Lollitree!
It'll be nice to start fresh, but just letting you all know if you want to follow the new one it's here -
Keep in mind I wont post as much on Deviant Art as I do on Tumblr so if you want to see all of my art it's on my Tumblr -
I cleaned up my Gallery!! If things are missing, don't worry, they've been moved to scraps. Things should be organised now. You can really see the progression in my art if you look at my oldest and newest deviations!! :D

Plus SO EXCITED FOR POKEMON X AND Y, I need to get myself a 3DS!
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I've had such an awesome day! I went to the hair dressers with my mum as a Mothers Day/Birthday thing, and got my hair cut short :3
And I also got Sim City!! I've only played it for a bit so far because The Voice was on TV. But it's so awesome!

I haven't drawn anything for a while because I can't go onto the computer during week days. So sorry about that. I still have that Rythian picture to finish. ^-^

And thank you so much to those people who wished me a happy birthday! :D you awesome people you
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Anything you'd like me to draw for my next speed art? I'm taking requests..
I keep forgetting to submit some of my pictures to dA.. T-T
I draw some that are more of sketches, but I just post them to Tumblr.. Forgetting about dA.. Sorry Dx
I'll try to remember to submit to dA
Aww yeah! I just got a psd plugin for Paint.NET. It lets me save and load photoshop files, so now I can draw on photoshop, save it to my USB and then open it on Paint.NET and fix/finish it! Yesh! I've been wanting to enhance the shading in my second poster because the shading needs to be smoother to make it look better. And maybe make it look a whole lot better. If only I had this for the outline... It would be much smoother :(

I wonder if I can get a pdn plugin for photoshop....

And that is all for now!
For all of those who care, I have almost finished my second poster entry for the Yogscast fan art competition! I think it looks so much better than my first. I just have to work up the courage to finish the mining lasers...

Plus, I had a little fiddle around with Photoshop today. and I drew a picture of Sjin as the Wizard guy from Rythian's Trine 2 series with Zoey and Sjin. As soon as I finish it, I'll post it. I also figured out that you can actually use undo more than once! That was the only thing I didn't like about Photoshop, and now I figure out that it is in there. I'm just not used to the controls because I've always been using Paint.NET.

I will be uploading the next Yogscast Tekkit web fan art speed art soon. I'm not sure if I should post the Tekkit Web so far, and then update it everytime I do another section. So if I get a request to, then I will.

That's about it for now!
I won't be around for the next 4-5 days, because I'm going camping! My family got a new camping trailer, and it's a lot easier to set up and pack away! No more taking so long yay!
I am probably going to sketch a whole bunch of crap while I'm away. Maybe if some are good enough, I'll put a whole bunch of them together and post 'em.

I've been thinking about all my characters lately, and I decided to start sketching them up again.. It's taking a while to get used to the style again though.
There are many things I can't draw, so hopefully I can try and practice that stuff..;
people older than 12 (16 if I'm lucky)
proper positions that people stand in
most animals
things that aren't cute.. (It's when I really want to draw something, but it ends up cute :/)

So yeah, that's about it :D
I made a YouTube account and posted a speed art! yay! :D
Details and stuff in the descriptions of the stuff...
The picture -…
The speed art -…

Be sure to check it out!

Oh yeah, and I finished my first poster entry for the Yogscast Poster comp. and I submited it (It somehow sent the picture twice and I have no idea why :/)
I don't know what to call it though, so I'm not going to post it yet...

With my second entry, I um... I got halfway through outlining Sjin, then my computer restarted... and I erm.. didn't save it :3
So I have to restsrt that....

That is all :D

next day -
I uploaded another video, although I don't think it's as good as my first :/
It'll probably look better the more that is in it.
But I'm finally continuing on my Tekkit Web picture. And thats what the speed art was. the new one....
link -…

And... tha's all :/
I saw this on the forums and I instanly thought: Oh yeah!! I am so doing this!!!
And so I am :D Thats basically all I have to say for that...

I have stopped doing the Tekkit Web and everything else just to do these pictures. :3
But I'm almost finished my first entry! It's a SoI one and I'm doing the shading now.
I wanted the second one to have Sjin, Sips and Duncan in it... but it ended up being just Sips and Sjin. I finished the sketch on the last day of term! Yay, holidays! (AKA, yesterday :P)
I might Do one with Duncan in it as well... I'm just not too sure though... It could be too much to do..

I don't really want to post my entries yet though... maybe after the comp. :D

That is all for now!

I've finished the first one... although I'm not too sure whether I'm finished yet or not, because there are so many little things that I could've missed, so I'm not going to post it just yet..

But, to have a break and fix it later, I'm going to start on my second one, yay! :D
I'm going to start posting the sketches of my digital drawings. Just to let you know. And they'll be posted in my scraps so be sure to check them out!…
I'm currently doing 2 pictures, and I just uploaded the sketches.

They are:
Yogscast Tekkit Web :…
Noxcrew Gameshow - Egg Run :…

That is all for now XD

I've almost finished the Tekkit Web Outline, yay! :D
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Grahh! First of all, I typed up this long-ish journal and then when I went to submit it, "mydomainadvisor" couldn't find the stupid page -_-.... That's the problem with laptops...
My goodness, you can never find the page that I want to go on at that time...
Anyway if I can remember what I typed.....

This is just a quick update on what I'll be doing this week and will probably extend to next week as well. um... can't quite remember the rest... I swear, If "mydomainadvisor" thingo can't find the page... I will rage at my computer and give up..
Anyway, I drew up a Shadow of Israphel fan art, It actually took me quite a while to draw... so lucky me. I've given myself a lot to do :D
Also, In my Tekkit Boots picture, I've found that quite a few people are saying I should've added Honeydew in the picture laughing or something.. The reason he's not in there is because I find it quite hard to draw him... and he didn't look right when I tried adding him in the background, especially since there is basically no background anyway.. So I might try adding him in as well as a background later.
Plus I keep putting off finishing that Honeydrew character picture thingo as well... I've almost finished the outline too.... :/

But that SoI fan art will take me a while to finish... Plus on top of that I have some assignments to do.

If I can remember or think of anythng else to add, I will.
That was a quick update, I guess, on what I'm going to be doing for the next week :3
My new goal on dA, is to reach 1000 page views, so I'm going to make a whole bunch of fan art.. I'm open to suggestions as well. (As long as I've heard of them) And it would also be apprectiated if you could help me to improve my current fan art with some suggestions, it won't take long to fix anything :3.
And if you want, I'll post the sketches as well.

I'm currently working on fan art for the Noxcrew Gameshow. It's so funny and awseome, and it looks and seems like they spend a long time on their videos.

And I am now allowing downloads of the fan arts I currently have.

So that was a quick update on what I'll be doing.


Ok, so I've finished the Noxcrew picture. but I'm unsure of what to do next, I have a few in mind.. but again, i'm unsure...

Well, I remember why i took out Honeydew in my Boots picture... no matter how much i try... he doesn't look good with the style i use for minecraft people.... I'm really struggling to draw him in the fan art i'm doing right now for "Screw the Nether"...

I'm now drawing some of the yogscast people as their minecraft skins.. But not the style I used before. I'm going to try my old style of drawing MC people. A style that is easier to make everyone look right in. I'm doing the outline now, and I think I'll do 1 each day... Also... I'm struggling to draw Hannah.... :/
Because I can't draw girls.... >_<

Ok, minor setback... My Jap teacher took away my folder which I keep all my sketches in while I was drawing Rythian :/.. Annoying thing was... I finished my work as well....
But, I finished colouring in Sips, because I couldn't wait for the outlines of the backgrounds for the current ones to be done... XD
I'm debating whether to post it yet or not....

On the bright side, I've reached 620 page views :D! I'm so happy

Well, I've decided to basically re-do my "Yogscast Tekkit V3 fan art".. because, It was just bugging me how outdated that style of drawing was for me.. (I guess I wouldn't put it as re-do... Just Hugely modifying it.)
I'm so backed up with assignments and stuff... not as much as my friends though... lucky me.
I have a history essay test thingo tomorrow and I am going to fail really bad!

But I've Added a background into my Sips co. picture, just to make it look better.. I wanted to include it in my background photos, but a white background just wasn't quite good enough... I'll probably do the boots one tomorrow.

Just a quick journal entry, for a quick day... :3
finally decided to write a journal entry. :3.
I've been watching the Yogscast's Tekkit series on Youtube because they are so awesome and funny!

I drew a picture as well, I wanted to do a fan art for it. but i couldn't think of anything. So i just drew a picture of all of them. I'll do a different picture later, when i figure out what to draw.

I got steam last week and so far I have Portal 2 and Deus Ex, oh and yesterday i got Team Fortress 2.
I played a bit of Portal 2 and I'm up to chapter 3 on Single player. I was a bit upset when my weird robot friend died.... but i saw him at the start of the chapter :3
When I played Deus Ex i played it with my brother, cause he wanted to buy it. i was the mouse/gun and he was the keyboard.. we make a great team XD.

The school holidays were over last week.... a bit upsetting. but i get to see all of my friends again!