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Witch Fashion | 2/8


I've had more fuel for Halloween outfits then I thought so here's a smaller batch of witchy themed outfits in CYOP style since it's been a little since I've done a batch. 

[Emote] Jack-'o-Lantern Fanged Evil Smile  Price [Emote] Jack-'o-Lantern Fanged Evil Smile 
These will be flat colored, not shaded/glossed like my usual ones so that's why it's a bit cheaper!

Looking for more outfits from me? Feel free to check here…

Row 1 
#1 | CLOSED | :iconnickyflamingo:
#2 | CLOSED | :iconnickyflamingo:
#3 | OPEN
#4 |:iconnekochanthekitty:

Row 1 
#5 |CLOSED | Patreon Pre-Claim | :iconkosmickisses:
#6 | OPEN
#7 | CLOSED | Patreon Pre-Claim | :iconkosmickisses:
#8 | CLOSED | :iconbibirainbowfairy:

Looking for pre-claims? Join my Patreon! 

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Base | prettypumpkinhead
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Please claim here!~

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Hello! I saw Nicky make a post featuring these, and I love the look of number 4! If no one else has claimed it, may I please?

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Aw of course. <3 You can send payment here as goods and services and no address needed.

and fill out this form and post it either below or through chat/dms.~

OC Link: (optional)

Colors to Use:

Colors to Avoid:

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Just a question: would it be all right if I did a lineart drawing of my girl wearing that outfit? I do a drawing of her every year for Halloween and would like to do something with it. Please and thank you <3

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Of course, feel free!~ I've been super swamped with end of the month stuff but I'll squeeze in coloring so you'll be able to use it. <3

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Don't push yourself, just the lines are fine for now. Take your time with colors. Thank you! <3

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Thank you so much! It looks like it went through on my end okay, feel free to double-check me! And let me know if the link doesn't work, comments kinda hate me lately...

OC Link:

Colors to Use: purple, black, white

Colors to Avoid: most warm shades

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