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Summary of Art | 2018


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Oh boy, this has been a really hard year on me and yet I still wanted to compile this together as a small reminder to myself of all the art I HAVE done. Going through my gallery I found out that I didn't draw nearly as much as I thought I had due to irl things. So much in fact that July was such a sad month for me that I didn't draw a single thing for it apparently so I had to use my artfight pieces instead to fill the slot ahhhh. I'm still proud I did any art at all this year and only hope for better and more motivation to actually push through and get things done. All in all, a mixed bag of feels of a year is behind me now so thank you for everyone who stuck with me through it!

Small Note
The art from this year started in SAI and ended with my computer dying and my tablet nearly going out multiple times through the year and ending in Clip Studio on a borrowed computer and new tablet so here's to adapting if nothing else haha. 
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