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Elaina Grainger *Official Debut*

Name: Elaina Grainger (Meaning, "Shining Light of a Doe Farmer")
Age: 18
Birthday: October 30, 1998
Gender: Female
Breed: Pegasus
Zodiac: Scorpio
Coat color: Medium blue
Mane color: Bleached blonde with medium blue highlights
Eye color: Lightish blue
Cutie mark: Animal paw in the shape of a heart
Beauty mark(s): Birthmark on the bottom left side of her side, scar on her left shoulder blade and a scar on her left knee
Accessories: None
Parents: Robb Grainger & Donna Grainger (Divorced) 
Siblings: Andrea Grainger (Older twin sister), Jennifer (Half-sister on moms side), and Jamie Grainger (Half-sister on dads side)
Relatives: Grainger and Nicely family 
Best friend: Sarina Mae Tucker (Me :3)
Reasoning for breed: When i made her character before, I asked her what she wanted and she said Pegasus. I asked her today, and she didn't reply so I made her a Pegasus. (Lol)
Bio: Elaina is a 18 year old high school senior who loves her friends, animals, Pokemon and likes to dabble in art once in a while. She has to be careful of what activities she does because of the metal plate and six screws in her left collar bone. When she's not at school, she's either at home being lazy and playing her Pokemon game on her 3Ds, sleeping, or over at her boyfriends, making out. (Lol, Elaina you know it's true, don't deny it!) I've only met her family once so I don't know a whole lot about her family, I just know mostly her and andrea. 
Here's some random facts about her:

*She was originally supposed to be the first one born, but she was really impatient and pushed her sister out first. This explains why Elaina never gets sick but her twin does. 

* Her and her sister are the only twins in the family.

* she is veeeeeeerry skinny.

* She loves tic tacs and Fanta... she also likes kumquats.

* Her favorite colors are blue and orange.

*She is a furry and has her own fursona named Voan. Go check her out on her page: Elaina246

*She has her own fursuit, you should be able to see that on her page as well.

*She was a trouble maker back in middle school but she's gotten a lot better now.

*She was arrested back in middle school and toured a prison facility. (Don't ask why)

* She sprayed pesticide on another kids locker who she did not like (I still find that hilarious XD)

* She has had glass in her knee because her twin put glass between the couch cushions and Elaina jumped on the couch and got glass in her knee.

*She had a broken leg from playing soccer in-doors during PE with class. It wasn't her fault, some other kid did it.

*When she was on her four wheeler, she was going fast down a hill that we usually go down, but I wasn't on there, so she ended up flipping off her four wheeler and rolled down the hill. The four wheeler started rolling down the hill as well and landed on her, breaking her collar bone and giving her a nose bleed. I'm just glad her twin was there to help her. Now she has a metal plate with six screws in her left collar bone. (be more careful, damn!)   

*She has had 8 boyfriends and is currently dating one. 

*She drives

Enjoy! :D

Base is by: SelenaEde
Background is by: AshenSorrow 
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