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    Donated Jul 12, 2018, 11:38:18 PM
Hello, everyone. I'm sad to say that my dog, Silver, passed away this morning. I'll tell you the whole story:

It all began when Silver wouldn't eat his dry food. Over a month ago, I noticed Silver didn't seem to be eating, which is unusual because he loves food. He didn't eat for two days, so we decided to go out and buy some Chicken Fresh Pet. He liked it, and ate it for a week until he started to lose interest in that food. That's when I started to notice that his urine was honey colored. I started thinking that he might have either a UTI or a kidney infection and that he was in pain and didn't want to eat. My dad thought that he might of gotten into the cat litter and has a blockage of some sort in his stomach. We took him to our vet to have him checked out, and I brought a sample of his urine to be analyzed. They take his urine sample and blood sample and send it to the lab for testing. We got the results the next day, and the vet says that he has a UTI and that his bilirubin levels were off the charts on his blood work and urine sample. bilirubin is the yellowish substance, kind of like bile, that secretes from the liver and passes through the gallbladder and into the intestines that help with digestion. They decided to give us two prescriptions. They gave us clavamox which is for UTI's, and Denamarin, which protects the liver. We started his medicine the day we got it. The clavamox had a two weeks dosage; had to give him two pills a day, 12 hours apart. He ate some days and nothing other days. He began to lose weight, and became more lousy, and uninterested in doing anything. When he had 10 days left for his denamarin medication, we took him to another vet because out vet recommended a ultrasound on his gallbladder. So we took him to another vet with a ultrasound machine. We originally were going to take him to one vet, but that location was closed due to renovations, so we had to go to their other location. They did the ultrasound on him and told us that everything looked normal except that his gallbladder was a little large. The vet told my dad and I that she didn't find any gallstones or sludge in his gallbladder. The ultrasound machine they had at that location could only see the main bile duct, so we went to the other location to get a better look at the other ducts. They gave him another ultrasound, but for free this time. They didn't find any stones or sludge, but they did see that he had free fluid in his abdomen. When they still had him back there, they decided to give him a x-ray, free of charge. The only thing they saw was that he had a lot of poop. They sent us home with nausea pills because he had been licking his chops, which is a sign of nausea, and he had also been throwing up water. When we got home, I tried to get him to poop but he wouldn't do anything, so we went back inside because he wanted to lie down. The next day, I took him out again, but still didn't poop. I called the vet who had been seeing him and she said that he was constipated and wanted to keep silver overnight to perform an enema, when they take a tube and flush out his anus with water and another washing substance. later in the afternoon, the vet called me and told me that the cause of all of his problems was parasites. She decided to take a fecal sample and tested it. she found two parasites, hook worms and whip worms. They were the cause of why he was feeling so sick and anemic. The night when they had him, she asked for me to get a fecal sample from my other four dogs. My mom woke me up at 3 in them morning so I could go collect their fecal samples. My dad and I left the house around 9:30 to go pick up Silver. We got there and gave them the samples, and since they had a lab of their own, we waited for their results. The results were that two of my dogs had worms. Breeze has whip worms, and Storm has hook worms. The vet said that she believes that the other two have them, it's just that the eggs haven't hatched and that they have up to a year to hatch. She sent us home with granule medicine that we have to put in their food. The only ones who received the medicine were Silver, Breeze and Diva, because they already had their blood tested. The other two need their blood tested before they take the medicine. When we get home, my dad and I tried to give Silver his medicine by mixing it with a boiled egg yolk, because he loves eggs. He wouldn't take it, so we let him rest for a while longer. The only thing he had interest in eating was the spaghetti i made for dinner, so my mom mixed the egg yolk with the medicine into some spaghetti and he ate all of it which made us happy that he was eating. Yesterday, we tried giving him his medicine but he would not eat. He started to whine, shiver, pant faster and was restless. I called the vet to tell her what was going on and asked if the reason he seems to be in pain was because of the free fluid in his abdomen. She said it most likely wasn't the case and said that since the hook worms were in his intestines that they were causing him mild pain. I asked her what we could do in the mean time and she gave me four options. One, was to leave him there overnight to have a medicinal powder coat his intestines so they could take a x-ray to see how things were moving. She also said that this option would most likely make him feel better because other cases had this done and the animal was seen to have felt a lot better. Two, was to be referred to a specialist. Three, was to perform a exploratory surgery, but she said that wasn't the best choice because his protein levels were low and would have a slow recovery, and would most likely die during the operation. Four, was to give him pain medication to relieve his pain. my parents and I chose to leave him there at the vet and get that powder option done so he would feel better. That was the last time I got to pet him, kiss him and say bye. I handed him over to the receptionist so she could take him into the back. When the vet saw him, she said that there was a ammonia smell smell coming from his breath. When she called me at 7:30 this morning, she had told me that Silver didn't make it, and passed away at 4 in the morning. Everything paused for me at that moment. My baby boy was gone. She told me that he had developed another problem overnight, which was the over production of something in his liver that made it's way to the brain and became highly toxic. She asked if he had been pressing his head against anything, and he had been doing that to my dad's shoulder, and my mom and mine's legs. She said he was doing that because he trying to relieve pressure off his brain. I was told he had multiple seizures and passed away in his sleep. I'm grateful to that vet because she was with him to the very end. I'm just happy that he is no longer in pain and that he is at peace. I miss him so much that it hurts. It still hurts for me to even type all of this out. We plan to have him cremated and spread his ashes along with my cat Tigger's ashes. No matter where he is, I hope he's having fun running and playing with my other animals. Silver, you were loved and will be missed dearly. Mommy loves you so much baby boy. 


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