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ay so it turns out that i couldn't get connected with this guy;
8825913 EmDyXI7FBSwXo7u by crystal-w1tch

so I'mma look at offers on him
he's a 
usd/points > hq ocs > physical items > art > customs (depends) > etc
pleas e don't offer 5 pt adopts or extremely lq ocs
he has a ych coming from squeakarooroo on g+ and a few doodles from me, so this isn't his only art

if usd alone the lowest i'll take is $20

Cinnadog for sale - open

Mon Dec 3, 2018, 12:47 PM

I absolutely hate to do this but I need money atm for a character I use to own and still love, and she's really the only one I can sell 

the cinna I'm selling is her, my cinnasona 
2125517 l0NYCXNon8cy8LT by crystal-w1tch
more art:

I'm looking for $35.
I'll take $25 at the very least, I'm not willing to go under that, if you do $25 you must be able to pay the paypal fees

People who have her favorited on toyhouse/might be interested: 
:iconnickle-the-pickle: :iconsinnamon-snaps:

sorry if you don't want tagged,, i haven't really seen many things abt xmas wishlists 
also don't feel like you absolutely have to do anything either!!!

this is my first time making a wishlist so sorry if this is a lil awkward

art from: 
I use to have an oc that had art from you and like,, that's the only reason I got her lmao
your art wasn't credited at the time but i instantly knew it was yours + credited it to you!

AngeIHeart / NineSigns 
your designs are an a++++++

similar to wehavecandy, i had an oc with art from you awhile ago + i was in love with it, it was my pfp everywhere for awhile!!

i've been saving up for awhile to get something from you!! 
fun lil story: 
when I first started watching you, i thought that Arofexdracona was you + got a cheeb headshot from them and had it credited to you for awhile, but i panicked like a week or two later and remembered that it was Aro's !!
if you wanna see the lil bobble head it's here!!…
p.s happy birthday!!!!

you have such a cute and chibi style that i'm amazed by!!

you're a rad dude and like,, the last time i got art from you was when we were shipping tristan and neil (i think that's what his name was) but you've improved so much since then, i'm hella proud of you!!!

I started following you recently and ooo im def. gonna have to commission you in the future

your designs and art style give me life hhh

you made my favorite boy of all time that's 100% foreverhomed!! 
i just wanna say like,, thank you for that?? 
this is him btw !!

barkuu / pawsku
i don't know how to describe your art tbh,, it's so nice and soft + i love itt

i started following you recently too and like,, i'm in love?? your art and designs are so perfect oml 
you made my new sona bab and she's not leaving me for awhile, hopefully i'll be able to commission you to draw her one day!! <33 this is her <333

i've wanted an icon from you for the longest time tbfh

your anatomy makes me swoon holy dirtballs 

your art is so smooth n soft oml,, 

you're another one i'm going to have to commission!! the way you draw fur is absolutely stunning !!

i love the way you do anatomy and fur as well!!!

i need to get some of your bases bc just owning your lines would be an honor for me jfc

it'd be nice to get art from anyone tbh!! I have my own little gift list in the making, even though i havent been tagged in anything yet!
again, don't feel like you absolutely have to do anything for me!!
all of my characters can be found here; sonas and mains are higly preferred in drawing!! (+ story characters too <333)…

species wise: 
I'd love to get myself a birdfolk !!! i've wanted one for awhile <3333
i'd also like to get more cinnadogs + a dainty !! 

i'll add designs later <333

lf: cinnadogs o: ocs/art/etc

Sat Nov 24, 2018, 9:29 PM

hi!! so i've been craving more cinnadogs lately rip
i'll look at any type! myo, ga, cinnabutt, etc
i can offer ocs, that can be found here: note me if you'd like to offer anything other than cinnadogs…

Boo the cat spider by crystal-w1tch .This is Halloween. by crystal-w1tch Bitch Came Back by crystal-w1tch .I can't help falling in love with you. by crystal-w1tch Halloween Ych | one by crystal-w1tch

Sfw Ref Wip by crystal-w1tch W Text by crystal-w1tch new sona ! by crystal-w1tch Fantsuneko Auction! - [guest artist adopts closed] by crystal-w1tch

and possibly paypal/points, i only have like 5 pts and 0 in my paypal tho

characters ufs - open

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 6, 2018, 10:29 AM
Art and CSS Yuminn

I really want a birdfolk myo slot so uh i might as well…
paypal > points > ocs

looking for equal or above in value

sonas are 100% nfs, don't ask.
art is add on only

look at that, second time it's happened to me.
i bought an account from @RoyalDandelion for 720 points.
Thanks Asshole by crystal-w1tch < - can be shown here.
One by crystal-w1tch < - discussing the account
Two by crystal-w1tch < - continued. 

when i go to login now, it doesn't work and they deactivated their account so i can't ask them about it.
although, yes, they have been on, because when you type in "simplystarry" (the account I purchased) it shows that they were active today. 

if anyone can help me find Royal's other account so i can get my points back (i know they have one, i just can't remember the name of it) or mass report the account "simplystarry" that'd be great <3

and yeah, i know it's against animal jam's rules. 
if you're here to preach about how karma bit me in the ass just leave.

quardie design ufs/t

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 16, 2018, 5:43 PM
Art and CSS Yuminn

This is the bab <3
2202817 gvXTjsWWtGhPTYt by crystal-w1tch <= art, roughly 20 pieces

he's one of their older designs, I noted quardie asking about his worth, and they said that he was worth maybe around $100??
personally I'm not expecting to get that much, but I won't accept anything less than $35-$40 if $ / points alone

I'm looking for trades and $ above everything else
mostly anything from my dreamies is an auto accept <3…

fullbody for one month core

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 13, 2018, 9:46 AM
fullbody for 1 month core?
I'll be doing a few of these, not just one if anyone's interested
core is 400 points/$5, my fullbodies go for 500 points/$5, you must send the core before hand <3
one will be sent to one of my bffs, so don't just go and send to my da


4/4 by crystal-w1tch 3/4 by crystal-w1tch q u e e n by crystal-w1tch brooklyn - the princess i need in my life by crystal-w1tch dance dance baby by crystal-w1tch . it's all about the fantasies . by crystal-w1tch Bitch Came Back by crystal-w1tch

for two months I can do a ref like this:
these normally go for 800 points - 1k points / $8 - $10
new sona ! by crystal-w1tch

Journal Skin by: VladNoxArt

ota on all ocs! - open!

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 19, 2018, 1:15 PM
i need around $280 for an oc i really want so paypal is highly prefered!
I'll also look at points + other characters too! <3
the only ones 100% nfs are selene, val, kendrick, mint, and colton (angel, not dog)
if you offer on them i'll probably ignore you
00 and 01 are extremely tentative

Journal Skin by: VladNoxArt

selling two cinnas - $25 each, closed

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 12, 2018, 4:29 PM
2181026 X6MREP3jiB49p7O by crystal-w1tch


2742285 IzVBRSl4OFiLniL by crystal-w1tch

they've both been sold, thank you!

Journal Skin by: VladNoxArt

commissions - open

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 10, 2018, 10:43 AM
please comment with this form:
type of commission:
payment type: (paypal usd or points)

sketches: open
headshot: 30 points
bust: 40 points
full body: 50 points

headshot: 40 points
bust: 50 points
fullbody: 80 points

color : + 30 points
Based On A Dream by crystal-w1tch Img 20180416 105031 by crystal-w1tch Img 20170621 141447 421 by crystal-w1tch Callie by crystal-w1tch Small doodle ig?? by crystal-w1tch

lineart only: open
(not many examples)
headshot: $1.20 / 120 points
bust: $1.40 / 140 points
fullbody: $2 / 200 points

headshot: $1.00 / 100 points
bust: $1.30 / 130 points
full body: $1.50 / 150 points

shading : + $0.20 / 20 points
Version 1.2 by crystal-w1tch 17 - 1 (2) by crystal-w1tch

flat: open
headshot: $2 / 200 points
bust: $3 / 300 points
fullbody: $4 / 400 points

headshot: $1.75 / 175 points
bust: $2.25 / 225 points
full body: $3.50 / 350 points
6219948862901869665 by crystal-w1tch Img 20180516 210754 by crystal-w1tch A (2) by crystal-w1tch Option Three by crystal-w1tch 17 - 1 (14) by crystal-w1tch

full: open
headshot: $4.50 / 450 points
bust: $5 / 500 points
fullbody: $5.50 / 550 points

headshot: $4 / 400 points
bust: $4.50 / 450 points
full body: $5 / 500 points
Attac by crystal-w1tch Comm by crystal-w1tch Bitch Came Back by crystal-w1tch . Be Calm . by crystal-w1tch .I can't help falling in love with you. by crystal-w1tch . I love you more than I ever knew . by crystal-w1tch .This is Halloween. by crystal-w1tch 2/2 by crystal-w1tch I'll just be me. by crystal-w1tch

reference sheets: open
simple: $7 / 700 points
(left and right views, name, and colors)
medium complexity: $8-$9 / 800 points - 900 points
(left + right views, 2-3 key details/accessories, name and mini info, and colors)
complex: $10-$12 / 1,000 points - 1,200 points
(left + right views, 5-10 key details/accessories, name and in depth info, colors, chibi, in depth complex colors)

18 - 1 (2) by crystal-w1tch 57372825363450510211 by crystal-w1tch Ref 2 by crystal-w1tch .she had the world upon a string. by crystal-w1tch Fancy Cat Boi by crystal-w1tch

badges: open
*note: these will take longer and they will be mailed / shipped to you
$10 / 1,000 points - laminated
$8 / 800 points - unlaminated
Untitled by crystal-w1tch Img 20171015 151631 by crystal-w1tch 17 - 1 by crystal-w1tch Img 20170609 181540 534 by crystal-w1tch smile baby, you're on camera! by crystal-w1tch

chibib: open
$1.50 / 150 points
(+ $0.50 / 50 points for detailed shading)
Finished Ab Headshot!  by crystal-w1tch small warmup doodle by crystal-w1tch . Hurricane . by crystal-w1tch fight me u covfefe hoes by crystal-w1tch

mini scenes: open
starts at $4 / 400 points
Midnight Strikes by crystal-w1tch . It's raining, it's pouring . by crystal-w1tch
(this one is old ^)

scene drawings: open
starts at $10 / 1,000 points for two characters
Thingss] 009 by crystal-w1tch . it's almost halloween . by crystal-w1tch
(this one's kinda old ^)

- nsfw and sfw options are available (+ half of original for nsfw)
- colored lines are available (automatically placed unless specified otherwise)
- mailing traditional art to you will be an extra $1 / 100 points
- +1 character is half of the original price
- simple backgrounds are free, complex can range from $0.25 / 25 points to $1.00 / 100 points
- anything under $1 will be deviant art points only

I am human, it may take a bit of time for me to get to your commission. My wait times are normally very short (1-3 days after purchasing, possibly even the day you purchase one). I will not start the commission unless you pay at least half upfront. If you pay half, you will receive only half of your commission until I receive the other half of the payment.

Journal Skin by: VladNoxArt


Journal Entry: Mon Jul 9, 2018, 9:52 PM
I'm selling them because I need some extra $ for a panic! concert on the 16th

they're all myos

least > most picky

Salem - unknown designer - $35 or best offer
14 pieces of art
2181026 X6MREP3jiB49p7O by crystal-w1tch


Tess - :iconpillowrabbit: made - $35 or best offer
8 pieces of art
2742285 IzVBRSl4OFiLniL by crystal-w1tch


Rigormortis - :iconhot-owl: made - $50 or best offer
(i bought her for 4k points with around 10-14 pieces of art)
27 pieces of art
Rigor By Romkom-da0td6o by crystal-w1tch

$$/ points > dreamies (here and here) > swaps > hq designs (mostly looking for canine + felines) > other cs (mostly looking for birdfolk)

Journal Skin by: VladNoxArt
I got him awhile ago in a trade with a g+ user named Koiru and i'm no longer interested in the design
(I was gonna ask if they'd be interested in trading back but they already sold the character I traded for around 2.7k points I think???)

but here's the character in question;
7390731 V7hQhDx6m9Vf2eu by crystal-w1tch
like already stated, he's made by ufohouse - sorry for the tag

he has more art here:

I'm mostly looking for swaps or trades
dream ocs can be found here: (almost any of these are auto)…

or you can buy him for 2.5k points / $25
or do a mix of anything, i'm not really interested in customs tho

you can also offer animal jam items

cinna 3-way

Wed May 23, 2018, 5:25 PM
if you get me choco chunk malt from here

i'll give you either or someone else from my toyhouse (possibly multiples)

the other one didn't get as much attention as I would have liked

this time I wanna get my gf something nice for her birthday since it's at the end of the month!!

I'm mostly looking for swaps/hq ocs/paypal and possibly art as an add on only?
things from here are almost an auto accept:
(willing to trade multiples depending on who it is)…


Diablo by crystal-w1tch
Diablo - $37 or best offer
(+ 15 pieces of art:


Salem by crystal-w1tch
Salem - $35 or best offer
(+ 14 pieces of art:

Tess by crystal-w1tch
Tess - $37 or best offer
(+ 8 pieces of art:

Ripley by crystal-w1tch
Ripley - $30 or best offer, mostly looking for points
(+ 3 art pieces:


Rare Guest Artist:
King by crystal-w1tch
King - $45 or best offer
(+ 2 pieces of art, both are refs:

things I need to do:
Nothing as of now

things people owe me:

⭐ - paid/finished my part

art trade part of Jazmine
from: +coғғeeqυeeη @ G+⭐
how long i've been waiting: 3 months

tattoo headshot of Pumpkin
from: shrimpv 
price: 550 points ⭐
how long i've been waiting: 5 months

headshot of Pumpkin
from: +Fuzzy snowypaws @ G+
price: 150 points
how long i've been waiting: 2-3 months, but I have had updates/pre sketches

headshot of Sillow
from: +Fuzzy snowypaws
price: 150 points
how long i've been waiting: 2-3 months…

headshot of Ghost
from: +Lame Hottie @ G+
price: 50 points ⭐
-I'm actually pretty sure I got the headshot from you, so if I did please let me know!!-

art trade part of Thyme
from: +MooWOWsticks@ G+
how long i've been waiting: 10 months

bust of Pumpkin
from: +Essie ツ @ G+
price: 200 points ⭐
how long i've been waiting: 2-3 months

momotaro meme with Pumpkin + Sillow
from: +Aline TV / :iconalinelps:
price: 200 pts…

animated pixel of Shiloh
from: :iconpurplefoxkinz:
price: 250 points
how long i've been waiting: purchased today

animated icon of Pumpkin
from: :iconbarabro:
price: 350 points
how long i've been waiting: few days, under a week

This is not to rush anyone. If it's taken more than a month for you to complete whatever you owe me I'm losing patience with you and technically am rushing/pushing.
I honestly can't connect to them?? 
I feel really bad about it too but oh well

I'm mostly looking for swaps/hq ocs/paypal
things from here are almost an auto accept:
(willing to trade multiples depending on who it is)…


Diablo by crystal-w1tch
Diablo - $37 or best offer
(+ 15 pieces of art:


Salem by crystal-w1tch
Salem - $35 or best offer
(+ 14 pieces of art:

Tess by crystal-w1tch
Tess - $37 or best offer
(+ 8 pieces of art:

Ripley by crystal-w1tch
Ripley - $30 or best offer, mostly looking for points
(+ 3 art pieces:


Rare Guest Artist:
King by crystal-w1tch
King - $45 or best offer
(+ 2 pieces of art, both are refs:
New journal bc the last one got pushed to the side


1453341 9MbhCVsYQl7Trzw by crystal-w1tch
$32 or best offer

Salem by crystal-w1tch
$35 or best offer

3874918 OjOClJpsLy3OPfB by crystal-w1tch

3683397 Rz78LlaTG16Lunh by crystal-w1tch


Georgette  Funnhouse Design  By P1nkink-dbjq1ym by crystal-w1tch

also a list of other things I'm looking for:
-swaps (myo, ga, cb //will be willing to trade multiples)
-characters from here + here
-hq characters
-things from here
there are some other cinnas I really wanna buy so they're up for offers



looking for: (most to least wanted)
paypal (usd), no low balling please
characters from here and here 
popular cs
hq ocs