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Intober 14: Clock by crystal-of-ix Intober 14: Clock :iconcrystal-of-ix:crystal-of-ix 4 6 Inktober 12: Wail by crystal-of-ix Inktober 12: Wail :iconcrystal-of-ix:crystal-of-ix 3 0 Inktober 13: Guarded by crystal-of-ix Inktober 13: Guarded :iconcrystal-of-ix:crystal-of-ix 4 6 Inktober 10: Voice by crystal-of-ix Inktober 10: Voice :iconcrystal-of-ix:crystal-of-ix 3 0 Intober 11: Cruel by crystal-of-ix Intober 11: Cruel :iconcrystal-of-ix:crystal-of-ix 3 0 Intober 9: Precious by crystal-of-ix Intober 9: Precious :iconcrystal-of-ix:crystal-of-ix 6 0 Inktober 8: Star by crystal-of-ix Inktober 8: Star :iconcrystal-of-ix:crystal-of-ix 7 9 Inktober 7: Exhausted by crystal-of-ix Inktober 7: Exhausted :iconcrystal-of-ix:crystal-of-ix 10 10 Inktober 6: Drooling by crystal-of-ix Inktober 6: Drooling :iconcrystal-of-ix:crystal-of-ix 5 18 Intober 5.2: Chicken by crystal-of-ix Intober 5.2: Chicken :iconcrystal-of-ix:crystal-of-ix 4 0 Inktober5: Chicken by crystal-of-ix Inktober5: Chicken :iconcrystal-of-ix:crystal-of-ix 5 4 Inktober 4: Spell by crystal-of-ix Inktober 4: Spell :iconcrystal-of-ix:crystal-of-ix 4 7 Inktober 3: Roasted by crystal-of-ix Inktober 3: Roasted :iconcrystal-of-ix:crystal-of-ix 7 4 Inktober: Tranquil by crystal-of-ix Inktober: Tranquil :iconcrystal-of-ix:crystal-of-ix 6 9 Inktober: Poisonous by crystal-of-ix Inktober: Poisonous :iconcrystal-of-ix:crystal-of-ix 7 10 Crossover Randomness: Sweet Irony by crystal-of-ix Crossover Randomness: Sweet Irony :iconcrystal-of-ix:crystal-of-ix 6 15
Thought I'd make it so everyone could see ^^;

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Behind The Mask (Loki x Reader) Part 6
The All-Father stood tall at his golden throne as he looked over all of the princesses standing in the great hall. You still eyed Ynera and narrowed your eyes as you watched her smile so satisfied with herself. Frigga had a hard expression and glanced at you sending you a warning that she knew that something happened. You nodded unnoticeably and put on a serious, stony mask on your face.
‘Today, I called you to a challenge which would show us how well you can attend to children. If you marry one of my sons, giving them heirs is an important task therefore you need to know how to care for a child. Frigga?’ turned the white haired king to his wife who stepped forward and smiled down at the crowd which was way lesser than last time. You were left only ten or twelve from the thirty five princesses and noble women.
‘You will have to show your skills in motherhood with the children you will be given soon. Sooth them and try to put them to sleep’ lifted her hands in th
:iconiwenarya:IwenArya 6 3
Toronto by takmaj Toronto :icontakmaj:takmaj 1,144 88 Untitled by kittty-pryde Untitled :iconkittty-pryde:kittty-pryde 2 2 MCU: Thor 3 Loki by Zeriphi MCU: Thor 3 Loki :iconzeriphi:Zeriphi 50 10
Behind The Mask (Loki x Reader) Part 5
A few days passed since you last saw Loki. You still had dreams about him and it slowly made you frustrated both sexually and in any other meaning. You were notified that the next challenge will be held when Loki was fully recovered so you decided to spend your just as uneventful day in the library as any other.
You walked along the corridors, passing servants and you marveled at the beauty of the golden palace. You visited the library often because even if you liked Thrita and her friends you wanted to spend your time in silence and calm. You couldn’t get your head around how you were slowly changing with every passing day. You thought yourself cold and counting and you started to weaken. You couldn’t show your true face to anyone if you wanted to accomplish your plan. You picked out a book from one of the shelves you found a few days ago and went to your ordinary place in the library. You cradled the book in your arms pressed to your chest as you walked amongst the booksh
:iconiwenarya:IwenArya 6 5
Loki x Reader: Protecting His People - Spoilers
The mockery of the Einharjar wrenched the sword from your hand. It had felt like hours and you were no trained soldier. You raised an arm, attempting to ward off the blow from the monsters that Hela had brought to your world, your home.
On your knees, you closed your eyes, waiting for it to be over. At least you wouldn’t have to see your friends die, your family, even the inevitable destruction of your home. Still you waited for the blow to strike you down, to end it all, but it never came.
“Your savior is here!” You recognized Loki’s voice and opened your eyes, a small smile touching your face that you might see him one last time.
Loki’s eyes widened as he saw you kneeling before the hesitating skeletal monster. Tearing his horned crown off, he leapt forward, plunging his daggers into the creatures heart. With the helmet, he caught it behind the leg so it stumbled and fell off the side of the Bifrost.
You looked up in relief, heart swelling to see him her
:iconphoenix2790:Phoenix2790 11 3
Draw This Again: Loki of Asgard by Quelchii Draw This Again: Loki of Asgard :iconquelchii:Quelchii 246 171 Batman rules! by westwolf270 Batman rules! :iconwestwolf270:westwolf270 296 108 Disney's Frozen Funeral Anna Ooak Doll + Dress by DaisyDaling Disney's Frozen Funeral Anna Ooak Doll + Dress :icondaisydaling:DaisyDaling 25 7
Behind The Mask (Loki x Reader) Part 4
When you closed behind yourself the doors of your room you could feel your face still burning hot from that feather like kiss. You bet he was only trying to seduce you but you wanted to let him. You needed to make him like you so he would choose you as his wife and would help you finish your plan. You needed his help and assistance in this, you needed an ally and he seemed to be a good one.
‘I have heard about your little outing with the prince, your majesty’ smiled at you mischievously Senna walking closer to you and pulling you away from the doors. You followed her numbly not processing what was happening until she skillfully took your clothes off of you and pushed you into the hot water in the bathroom. Your muscles relaxed as you blinked surprised at the warmth but it felt soothing so you leaned back and sighed.
‘I just got back from the ride and you already know of my meeting with Loki’ you watched Senna move around and placing things here from there.
:iconiwenarya:IwenArya 7 7
Disney Loki by DKettchen Disney Loki :icondkettchen:DKettchen 122 11 Surprise! by DKettchen Surprise! :icondkettchen:DKettchen 367 24 Magic Bros - Teleportation by DKettchen Magic Bros - Teleportation :icondkettchen:DKettchen 282 12 Cheers for ragnarok by AviHistten Cheers for ragnarok :iconavihistten:AviHistten 206 34 THOR - Loki's Ragnarok by the-evil-legacy THOR - Loki's Ragnarok :iconthe-evil-legacy:the-evil-legacy 122 10 Yellow by DKettchen Yellow :icondkettchen:DKettchen 257 21
They're may be a lot of them, but they're all great!


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I like drawing, writing, knitting, crocheting...and a whole bunch of other hobbies that I can't really think of right now.
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Hi all :wave:

So, I sort of wrote a random crossover dialogue between two characters from a show called Mr. D. Basically, it's a completely inappropriate show about the world's worst teacher :XD: I thought I'd take a stab at him in a Harry Potter situation.

The first speaker is the sarcastic secretary, Trudy, and Gerry (Mr. D) is the second speaker.

Sadly, some of his observations are kindof right.

Sorry Hufflepuffs.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm applying for a job."

"Where? Who would take you?"

"I'm applying to Hogwarts."

"You're applying to a school for wizards?"


"Gerry, you're not a wizard."

"How do you know?"

"Well, I don't remember seeing anything about you going to Hogwarts on your resume when you applied here."

"I just haven't gotten my letter yet."

"So your owl is 38 years late?"

"Maybe it got lost."

"If it's as good as you are at your job, then maybe it is. Why do you want to teach there anyway?"

"Trudy, it's the dream job!"

"Why's that?"

"There's no surprises! They sort the kids out for you!"

"Go on..."

"Look! Ravenclaws are obviously the nerds, so they're gonna want to answer all the questions. Slytherins are the troublemakers, so you have to watch out for them. Griffindors are the jocks, so you cut them some slack."

"And what about Hufflepuffs?"

"They're the leftovers. They're the ones that don't belong. You just make then feel special and they'll love you for it."

"Seems like you've got this all figured out."

"Yep, I'm going to be a Hogwarts professor."

"I hope you actually get a letter so that they can deal with you."


Tootles! :wave:
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End of Inktober. I had to reassess my priorities and that isn't one of them. It's been a blast though!
Intober 14: Clock
If Cinderella took place today...

Oh no! Cindy forgot her phone!!!!

Can't draw her to save my life, but ah well.

No wonder she was late. She probably had an alarm on and everything!

Disney owns Cindy.


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