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Milky is in danger...
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Wait, It's almost the end! XD
Characters: (not mine except cosmic astrality)
milky flare (reference sheet) by Milky-Flare Flaming Flare New Ref Sheet by xXMaiKhanhFlareXx Milky Way Ref Sheet by AyeItzAyeshax Cigar Crane by AyeItzAyeshax sparkling choclate chip refsheet by dusklightyt
cosmic astrality(new style) by Crystal-BloomYT Cupcake_Pie New REF SHEET by CupcakeEdits20 Marshmellow Ankuni by MarshmellowAnkuni MLP - Princess Rainbow Dream - Reference sheet by PrincessRainbowDream

(More characters coming soon!)

WARNING: If you just saw this, please read part 4.

Chapter 5: Back

Milky Flare... is sad.. Below the shining bright moon.
Alone in the night by Crystal-BloomYT
Milky: H-how..... I have.... I did.. wrong? Why.... I...I need help..
How..? Just for...milk.......

Milky heard some hoofsteps behind him. And it was her.
Hey, YOU by Crystal-BloomYT
Flaming: Hi! I have to drink...Pinkie Pie #3 
Milky: Stop.. JUST STOP. YOU WENT TOO FAR FLAMING FLARE!!! Starlight Glimmer (shut up) plz
Flaming: Nevermind... *kicks milky*
Milky has been kicked again, until he fell off the cliffs.
But he flew because he have wings
Milky: HAH! I can fly, you can't!
Flaming: Oh no..Wait!
Flaming attempts to kick him again, but....
A group of ponies: HEY! Don't you dare to hurt our FATHER!
Milky went behind him, and

Milky Way: Don't step forward to us, Flaming!
Choc: *necklace glows* Yeah! Don't you touch our father Flaming Fare.. eh.. Flare!
Flaming: Whoa autocorrectMLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Crazy Insane Loony 
*Flaming transforms into her insane, big, evil, cruel side again*
Ankuni: DAD!! WATCH OUT!!!
Rigel: Hey, FLAMING FLARE!! Face us before you face him!
Fiery Flare: I'm not Flaming Flare...  I'M FIERY FLARE!Queen Chrysalis 2 
Choc, Cigar, and Ankuni: *gasps* HOW COULD YOU FIERY... BIG.......
Fiery Flare: Now you can't stop ME.
Suddenly, some kind of rainbow beam hits Fiery.
Fiery Flare: ARGH! That hurts... NOW YOU HAVE TO GET HURT TOO!!
Fiery went behind, and there was a white pony, with a rainbow mane and eye, staring at her.
Rainbow: Flaming Flare.... FIGHT ME!!!!
Fiery, Oh... Are you Princess Rainbow Dream? The most powerful ruler of this world?
Rainbow: No, But I shall destroy you into pieces!
*insert epic fight here*
Fiery went defeated, back into Flaming Flare.
Flaming ran away, back into an unknown deep forest.
Milky Way: Did we.. win?
Milky: MILKY WAY!! *hugs milky way*
Milky Way: Aww, glad you're back!
All of the Milky x Milky Way family hugged each other.

But flaming saw them, and she whispered.
Flaming: I will never let a milk gone.

--To be continued--
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Don't forget this one! :iconquesttosavemilky:


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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
IMPORTANT: Why i don't submit arts...Ok.... I guess you will just ignore this shit and go to another journal entry..
So.. Why i dont submit arts these days..
The main reason is.... School.
Yes. I dont even want to go to that shitty place.
And mom did not allow me to use my laptop to draw, even for just 12 minutes.
And the other reason I'm stressed, is someone JUST unwatched me.(2 days ago i saw that i have 162, but after 1 day it turns to 161) I have to find it and ask them why they unwatched me.
If you unwatched me before you read this line, shame on you. Why you just unwatched me just because of this journal?! You are such mean if you did.
The third reason is... Join questions.
Look at :iconquesttosavemilky:. The comments. Many people ask for them, but thanks to :iconmilky-flare: and :iconprincessrainbowdream: for fixing them, And those shits who comment on my QTSM Chapters. "PLEASE ADD ME TO YOUR STORY!!!!" "ADD ME!!!" "Can you add my oc into your story?! Please!"
Sorry, but all I can say is

:iconcrystal-bloomyt: < Hello! My name is crystal bloom or Heidi IRL! Wanna know more about me?
:iconsomeone: < Sure!
:iconcrystal-bloomyt: < My name is Heidi, a 13 year old Indonesian shit artist, and i LOVE MLP!!! Well, just that? Nope!
:iconsomeone: < Can i ask, how long you were becoming an artist?
:iconcrystal-bloomyt: < Well, I am an artist since the end of 2016, well my art was very crappy at first XD But i was trying to improve per months. And in the end of 2017, i found :deviantart: and i joined! There's my art journey through months until now.
:iconsomeone: < Can we be friends? :3
:iconcrystal-bloomyt: < Everyone can, except the ones who can't visit my profile(blocked)!

Discord: THE LORDE#9417




(thx for ur quote in ur video <3)



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