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Glasshounds - 1st Batch [OPEN 5/6]


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002 smoothSOD4 // $30CAD SOLD
Traits: Extra fluff + Round eyes + Upward ears + Mane

003 energyBU11 // $30CAD SOLD
Traits: Long fangs + Slit eyes + Flopped ears

004 fruitF1ZZ
  // $30CAD
Traits: Fangs + Round + Backwards ears

007 [REDACTED] // $35CAD
Traits: Extra fluff + Horizon eyes + Double long fangs + Long flopped ears + Horns
Condition: Cracked, 50% reverted

008 crankyC0LA // $30CAD
Traits: Extra fluff + Slit eyes + Downward Ears

009 mintBIT5 // $30CAD
Traits: Long fur + Round eyes + Non-Canine ears (horse)
  • Upon purchase you will receive the full size of the above images.
    • Upon purchase you will receive the full size of the above images.
    • If you wish, after purchase you can receive a link to the Discord Server.
      • You many not share it before the server is properly open to the public.
      • Abusing this can result in a ban from the server.
    • You may not alter the design significantly outside of the capsule filling.
    • If you resell them, do not sell them for more than you paid.
    • Please notify me of any changes of ownership so I can update the masterlist.

    Want to learn more about Glasshounds? Here's some information sheets to get you started!
    Introduction || Cracked Glass || More coming!
    Old Trait Sheets (still valid) || Traits: Fur, Eyes & Ears || Extra Traits || Hellhound Traits
    New Trait Sheets || Body Mods & Fills || Coat & Fur Traits || Head Traits
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If you have any questions pertaining to the design, purchasing or transfering ownership please post here!