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Box Cat YCH [OPEN]


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Base Price: $10 CAD
Small Edit (fold ears, shorter/thicker tail, etc.):  + $1 CAD
Big Edit (completely altered/added features): + $3 CAD

To order, please fill out the form below and reply to this deviation!

Base: Short fur - long tail/short tail/no tail, Long fur - long tail/short tail/no tail
Edits: Will judge on a case by case basis which is small vs big
Reference: Pictures preferred, but can work of text descriptions.

  1. Two per order
  2. If you want one of a pet, I will require photo reference for the best possible result
  3. I will only do these for OCs, pets or pokemon, despite what the examples show

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I'd like to claim a slot if you think you can do my Sydney ouo

Base: Short fur - long tail
Edits: None
Reference:  RegalSyd by Rud-EXE CaptainSyd by Rud-EXE