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My Bio

First and foremost...

None of my images are up for the taking. If you ask nicely I might agree but if you take without asking and I find it I will file a DMCA to have it removed.

Okay let's see...

I'm 36, female and from the UK... and that so reeks of A/S/L?!???? from when chat rooms were cool...

I'm pretty much addicted to being online, and if not online at least with some kind of electronic device in my hand.

My other addiction would be Second Life. It is where I take the pictures I use for my artwork, where I spent a lot of my time forcing my friends to pose over, and over, and over!

( you guys!)

I'm sarcastic but silly. I love talking, I love getting to know people and making new friends. I love interesting, quirky weird little norks! (thanks Aeron for letting me steal your word!).

I love reading and writing erotica. I won't be sharing it on here though. Sorry! I have a serious love of books that borders on hoarding.

I'm not religious or anything really. I'm a big science girl, fascinated with astronomy and natural disasters. No I don't mean in the morbid people are dying way. I mean I love watching shows on how earthquakes/volcanoes/etc work.

I love photoshopping, hence my gallery. I have a degree in General Illustration.

I think that's all. Anything else you can ask me I guess.

Favourite Visual Artist
AyyaSAP, Sakmichan, Artgerm, Llang-Xing
Favourite Movies
Jurassic Park
Favourite TV Shows
Supernatural, Brooklyn 99, iZombie,
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
The Backstreet Boys!
Favourite Books
Dark Hunter Series
Favourite Writers
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Favourite Games
Borderlands (all of them), Ark, GTA 5, Second Life, Tomb Raider (old and new), Sonic (classic!)
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC & PS4
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop CS2 and good photography settings in Second Life
Other Interests
Gaming, Art, Reading, Writing, Crochet, Makeup, Astronomy, Geology, Cooking
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I'll be choosing ~Amadeo-Dubratt ( Amadeo Dubratt He's the most amazing person I've ever met. He's kind, he's caring and when I met him I was in a very dark place. He was my light and helped pull me out of it. I'll be eternally grateful to him for that. He means the world to me and I don't know what I'd do without him. I think Amadeo would pick 'I'm Complicated' To me he's as clear as a cloudless day but I think to others he might seem complicated. I think he'd like this artwork because not only would he love the colours but I think it suits his personality. I'd also pick 'I'm Complicated'  as my favourite piece. It's beautiful and de
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How long have you been on DeviantArt? ~~~ 11 Years but I stopped using it for a while and then came back What does your username mean? ~~~ It's my Second Life username Describe yourself in three words. ~~~ Anxious, creative, tired Are you left or right handed? ~~~ Right handed What was your first deviation? ~~~  Not my first deviation because I deleted a bunch of old drawings I had on here but this is the first one from the ones left. What is your favourite type of art to create? ~~~ I love making illustrations for Children's Books but I don't post them on DeviantArt. The pictures here are all edited photographs from Second Life for my
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I joined DeviantArt 10 years ago! I completely forgot about it for AGES and then I remembered I had this account lurking in the background and decided that I should upload some of my Second Life artwork here. 1. She's Trouble - 2010 This was the first thing I uploaded after I returned to Deviant Art. I'd just started messing around with Second Life pictures and fussing with them in Photoshop. I look back at this and realise how bloody terrible it is! LOL 2. Touch The Sky - 2011 This was for a contest for a store called Sntch ( in Second Life. I can't remember if this one won or not but it's probably the one I liked the most back then. I'
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Looking at your gallery makes me realize maybe I need to give Second Life another look. I haven't really played in close to a decade, but Hara Surya was "born" there.

A lot has changed in 10 years

After having played it for the last could weeks, so I've noticed. Just figuring out mesh bodies took a few days, and I had to all but dump all of my old clothes, but right now I think I've got things figured out.

And, Hara Surya was born there and is still how I'm playing.

Thanks for the watch :3
Hi there! ✧・゚

Thank you so much for the fav! It means a lot!

If I look back, I am lost by lilyrjensen    Sweater Weather by lilyrjensen   
|| Please consider +watching if you like what I do! ✧・゚

Also, I'm open for commissions! So if you would like me to draw something for you in the future, please let me know

Thank you, & I hope you have a wonderful day! x