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It's been two years since I first joined dA, and I'm certainly older, if not sadder or wiser.

Over the past two years I have:

* Started to actually think of myself as an artist rather than an artist-wannabe, because art is something you do, and I'm doing it

* Taken a year's worth of watercolor classes at my local art center, which makes me no longer entirely self taught o/

* Kept my love for Stargate: Atlantis and its delightfully drawable cast

* Failed miserably to keep up with comments and favs on my posts here

Over the next two years I hope to:

* Keep doing, keep growing, keep trying new things

* Continue to explore media, whether on my own or in classes

* Find joy wherever I can, in whatever inspiration speaks to me

* Do better about answering comments!  I really do appreciate each and every one.
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Blink, blink

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Um, wow, when I joined the Stargate Atlantis club I wasn't expecting quite this kind a response.  I *will* catch up on all the lovely comments I've received.  It just may take me awhile because I don't get that much online time.  And I'm still feeling my way around dA, so apologies in advance for any faux pas I commit.

Just as a little intro about myself, I am:

A Stargate: Atlantis fan (well, *duh*)

Relatively new to drawing (been seriously trying to learn since September, 2005)

Entirely self-taught (well, I took a mixed media class when I was 13, does that count?)

Madly in love with pencils, but occasionally venture out to play with other media
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