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By crysothemis
It's been two years since I first joined dA, and I'm certainly older, if not sadder or wiser.

Over the past two years I have:

* Started to actually think of myself as an artist rather than an artist-wannabe, because art is something you do, and I'm doing it

* Taken a year's worth of watercolor classes at my local art center, which makes me no longer entirely self taught o/

* Kept my love for Stargate: Atlantis and its delightfully drawable cast

* Failed miserably to keep up with comments and favs on my posts here

Over the next two years I hope to:

* Keep doing, keep growing, keep trying new things

* Continue to explore media, whether on my own or in classes

* Find joy wherever I can, in whatever inspiration speaks to me

* Do better about answering comments!  I really do appreciate each and every one.
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Thank you for all your art, you are an inspiration to us all! More! :clap: :clap: :worship:
crysothemis's avatar
Awww, thank you! I never know when more will come, but I'm hoping to draw something new soon.

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Happy DA anniversary! :D I look forward to more art from you, SG-related and otherwise. :glomp:
crysothemis's avatar
Aw, thanks!

I have no idea what I'll post next -- I never know when the art muse is going to strike, and I don't have any ongoing projects. But I'm sure there will be something!
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Well, I think all of your adoring fans(including me) also help to validate your title of artist.;) Once, long ago a very wise man said "Keep on Truckin". I can only hope you will take this adage to heart and keep on producin' beautiful life-like images, and eventually find a way to express yourself fully thruogh your considerable talent. Good luck!
crysothemis's avatar
:blushes: Aww, thanks. That's very sweet of you to say. But in the end, I do think it's about doing -- you're a writer if you write; you're an artist if you make art, even if no one else even sees it.

So yeah, I'm going to do my best to "Keep on Truckin'"! :)
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Just more!! Your pictures are amazing! Mmmm Carson lol. Teyla is cool too lol. I love all your Sheppard pics- they're just amazing! And the ones of Dr. Weir you have, I've noticed not too many people can get her quite right, but you're amazing! ALL of them are just amazing!!
crysothemis's avatar
Aww, thank you for your kind words! Elizabeth Weir is really quite hard to draw -- I still don't think I've got her quite right. Maybe that means I should try again!

So many possibilities, so little time . . .
Sweet-Kaywinnet's avatar
:) I know I'd be more than happy to see it! I'm actually trying to find a drawing of Teyla based on a certain picture. I've found one but it's not very...I dont even know the word. It's accurate and all but it's like it was made for a comic book and that's not an insult or anything I just suck at describing things lol. I dunno. If I could draw I'd do it myself lol. Maybe if I put the picture in my journal someone will draw it for me for my birthday. I dont know. I'm rambling again. Sorry.:hug:
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:glomp: Cooonnnnngradulations!! =) Do keep finding joy and exploring! They're so important... and good luck with the comments. I know sometimes they can get overwhelming!
crysothemis's avatar
Thanks, and thanks! And yeah, apparently I'm easily overwhelmed. ;)
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:hug: Oh no worries though. If you aren't replying now it can only get better :giggle:
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Congratulations! I think you are a wonderful artist, and you do very well. We'll be waiting to see how else you can grow. :)
crysothemis's avatar
Aww, thank you! I'm still a very literal artist, but I'm working on that. I'm waiting to see how I grow, too!
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crysothemis's avatar
I think about it! I do love Todd, so it's a possibility . . .
Metal-Gear-Link's avatar
haha that'd be sweet
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