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Um, wow, when I joined the Stargate Atlantis club I wasn't expecting quite this kind a response.  I *will* catch up on all the lovely comments I've received.  It just may take me awhile because I don't get that much online time.  And I'm still feeling my way around dA, so apologies in advance for any faux pas I commit.

Just as a little intro about myself, I am:

A Stargate: Atlantis fan (well, *duh*)

Relatively new to drawing (been seriously trying to learn since September, 2005)

Entirely self-taught (well, I took a mixed media class when I was 13, does that count?)

Madly in love with pencils, but occasionally venture out to play with other media
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You're new?! My god, I've been drawing for years, and I STILL SUCK!
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I love SGA, your drawings are amazing! =)
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WoW. Your art is truly STUNNING!
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I had to comment because we definitely have that in common - I started drawing period just a little over a month ago (very end of April 2006), zero guidance, anything I figured out was entirely on my own, and pencils are IT for my medium (though occasionally I try other things somewhat unsuccessfully). Plus we both do mostly fan art of our favourite show (albeit different shows). Your portraiture is so beautiful you make me want to see Stargate: Atlantis. :D
crysothemis's avatar
Wow, you've only been drawing a month? Your work is astonishing -- I'd assumed you'd been working on it for years. Did you sketch at all before? Or do anything visual? You have an amazing eye. And I used to watch Lost, so I know how good you are at capturing a likeness.

I'd be embarrassed to show the stuff *I* did a month after I started drawing. :nod:
GhostsintheMachine's avatar
Wow thanks! Yeah, only a month...I had drawn only for a few weeks in middle school previously, and when I was really little. So pretty much only for the month so far. My goal is kinda to improve as fast as possible. And I am already embarrassed of some of the stuff in my gallery that I did a month ago :( but show it anyway so people can have some idea of where I was and am now. How long have you been doing portraiture in particular? I absolutely love your art!!! When did you start doing Stargate fanart?
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Well, you're starting *way* past the beginner stage, so you don't have nearly as far to go as most of us when we start. :nod: Don't be embarrassed, be proud that you're improving! And trust me, as the artist you see more flaws than anyone else possibly can.

I started portraits (and Stargate Atlantis portraits) sometime last fall, but I wasn't nearly as good as you are when I started. Still, it's been lots of fun to improve. I do need to work on my drawing from life, though. My problem is I don't have anyone to model for me -- I have little kids, but they never sit still long enough to draw.
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That's okay, thanks for looking even though you don't know the characters! I'm thinking of drawing my cat next -- my Other Half took a very cool pic of her, and I want to see if I can do it in charcoal.
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heh cool :) I know you're a fan...unfortunately I don't have a clue who they are...I should look em up sometime
Miso-no-Tsuki's avatar
Thanks for the :+fav: on Lorne! Looking forwards to more of your stuff! :)
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You're welcome! Your Lorne was spot on. Don't know what I'll do next -- gonna try more charcoal though, I think.
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I recently used different pencil types in a drawing for the first time *gasp* And I liked it! It was a lot better than just using a mechanical pencil.... :yum: And I used charcoal in my latest deviation for the first time.... twas fun! :D Don't worry about any faux pas ..... I committed all sorts of 'em!!
crysothemis's avatar
Cool! I've been experimenting with different pencils -- I'm currently using lead holders that take different kinds of leads. So I'm back to a mechanical pencil, of sorts. ;)

Haven't tried charcoal yet. Maybe sometime...
creepmaster's avatar
HAHAH!! You have all sorts of little tricks! Like the scratching technique.... now the lead holders.... I love it! :highfive: Charcoal pencils are pretty fun to use. Give it a shot! :D
Before-I-Sleep's avatar
Well, I'm so glad you joined my club and found deviantART, you are truely a talented artist!
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Thank you! I finally realized I should just do a search for "Stargate Atlantis" and your club was just what I was looking for.
Before-I-Sleep's avatar
Hehe, I'm glad you found it. :P
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