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'Twas Brillig

This is a Stargate: Atlantis piece, drawn for the PaintedSpires community on livejournal. My prompt was: "John fights the Jabberwock with his vorpal sword."

This is a graphite drawing (well, three, actually), colored in Photoshop.
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Love the colouring here, and the jabberwock is awesome!
Good Lord, how did you manage to ignore Tenniell and yet still make something so ridiculously gorgeous?!

This is so well done!
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This is such a cool piece.
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Sweet artwork!!
The Jabberwock is definitely cool :)
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Great picture! It almost looks like he's lecturing it. "No! Scratching is bad!" ^_^
woah! epic job!!! i can't stop staring at this! :wow:
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I LOVE THE JABBERWOCK!! I know 2 parts of the poem.
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Well John certainly is in a pickle isn't he?! LOL Great piece!!
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oh my... this is soo... WOW!!
just love it. all the detail is amazing <3
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This is great. Sheppard would totally own the Jabberwock. Very cool picture.
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Nice drawing (charcoal, pencils, whatever) I haven't started Atlantis yet, I'm only on season 8 of SG-1.
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Ha that's so cool!
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If Sheppard had to face the Jabberwocky, he WOULD look like this.
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Where shall I begin?? :O_o:
The whole piccie looks great! The light, the shaddows, the coloration... *speechless*
I'm verry impressed how you draw these MANY scales!!! :omg: I would lose all my nerves...

Go John! Go!!! ;)
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OMG!!!! *chokes on cookie, spills drink on keyboard while convulsing, computer smokes, crackles then explodes sending Stargate obsessed girl flying across the room to land on the cat. Cat runs in an insane rampage, knocks over the candle, carpet catches fire and burns it's way over to nail polish stash. Kaboom!!! Rolls over and brushes blackened soot off of eyes. Crawls back to remains of computer* I'm okay!!! Wow, this is awesome!!!!! I mean, like totally awesome! Hey, was there ever a fanfic written about this? Cause I would kill to read it!
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Hee! Thanks. To my knowledge, no one has ever written fanfic inspired by this drawing, although I'd be thrilled if someone did.
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Oh, well. I've written some Stargate fanfic, maybe I'll try a shot at a story to go along with this!:D
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Cool. Let me know if you do, so I can read it!
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very classic and i love Alice in Wonderland and Stargate Atlantis, so it's a perfect marriage. i'm jealous of your traditional art ability!

you rock~!
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In the series John sometimes tell about dangerous creatures ,but I never seen one of them. Until now.

Good work ,but I think ,John would not use a sword. Rather a gun (borrowed from Ronan of course :D )
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I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Cool! John is the hero!
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