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Teyla Emmagen -- 2

A portrait of the Stargate: Atlantis character, which was mostly just an excuse to draw those eyes.
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I love star gate and your art is AMAZING!!!!
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No words for how well done this picture is...
How did you do it???
Or more like it,
how long did it take???????
But it's beautiful nevertheless.
And Teyla is my favorite girl in the series, so it's even better!
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WOW! You are amazing. That's all there is to it.
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I love how you did the eyes. You create miracles with a pencil.
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Oh my... this is beautiful!
I wish I had your talent. Tried the same Teyla drawing, but it looks miles away from yours...Just can't figure out how to do the shading :(
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Its perfect, well done.
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Really great! You captured the detail really well! :+fav:
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Even Teyla is great done by your hands.
Astonishing how you can draw humans... :worship:
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wow, you did an awesome job
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Lovely portrait. I like the soft lines.
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This is an amazingly gorgeous sketch! :aww:
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I love the eyes! Rachel Luttrell has pretty eyes.
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Beautiful drawing!
The first time I glimpsed at your stuff on the annoyingly tiny teaser pic, I thought they were photoshopped, and then I clicked and my eyes about fell out of my head! This is so amazing.
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Aww, thank you, for this and all of your lovely comments. I really like working with graphite -- it's so warm and satisfying and real. Which is not to say I have anything against Photoshop -- I just don't get the same feeling of being connected with my subject from it.

Also, it helps to have a pretty subject to draw, which is why Stargate: Atlantis has been such a perfect source of reference material. :D
Yes, they are all quite pretty. I drew a Rodney sketch, but DA is being mean and won't let me put it up for some reason...
very of my favorite shows :)
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