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Sheppard with, um, wings

So this one requires a bit of explanation because, seriously, wings are really Not My Thing.

In fact, this came about because I was making a list of Things I Would Not Draw, and wings were right up there at the top. And then I got to wondering why not, and somehow it turned into a personal challenge, like, how could I possibly draw wings on John Sheppard and make them in character?

The next thing I knew, I was drawing this.

HB pencil with a fair amount of correction in Photoshop, because I was lazy and it's drawn on cheap sketch paper, so it wouldn't hold up to all that much erasing.
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OMGosh! John Sheppard as an angel! Okay, I've died and gone to heaven now :)
sk8rgamer16's avatar
Just great I love the whole thing
yarngirl's avatar
His wings are as uncoordinated as his hair! I love it!

But then, you know I adore your work. =) =)
yoru-magi's avatar
Wow. That's all I can say. Great drawing!
rocketbaby782's avatar
another awesome one! good job on the wings!! i cant even draw them!
Lizzy0305's avatar
I love John Sheppard, i love those wing there and i LOVE YOU for making this! This is a piece of awesomeness, seriously man!:wow::love:
Paddington-Owl's avatar
I have to say, John Sheppard with wings is an amazing combination and something I thought I would never see. I have seen however, some really bad attempts at feathering, but this is Fantastic!
RamenTori1's avatar
OMG! i love it! he looks so cool!
sam680's avatar
So beautiful...
man that's cool!!!
TomBydand's avatar
oh my giddy aunt!
friesaregood's avatar
dizzy-indy's avatar
seriously that is amazing!!
Nighty-chan's avatar
Ha, you're welcome. Wings just dig my grave, if you can say so... XD
Like the idea, John with wings.
And - dammit - who the hell looks at his wings, when he doesn't wear a Shirt??? :rofl:
maysecret's avatar
Heh heh! I couldn't agree more :)
Born-a-Zombie's avatar
He looks a bit as if he was pouting coz he doesn't seem to like the wings too much! :XD: I really like how you did his hair! :love:
Mericia's avatar
This one is quite uncommon, but let me tell you something ... you made Joe look gorgeous in here and my mind just went more far away than that. It's huge, love it!
SGAlteran's avatar
Oh my FU**ING ANCIENT! THAT is beautiful! if i had them i would give you ten thumbs up. :thumb66089473:
Rita-Ria's avatar
ha ha ha - so cool - never could imagine him with wings, but it suits ;)
weyrgirl78's avatar
Deep breath...YUM! Great rendering--you put a good amount of attitude in the wings. Good job!
Trigar's avatar
ok, I gotta admit....wings suit a devlish sort of way LOL Nice job!
fyrewoode's avatar
wow. First time i came across this picture I ran away. I couldn't handle the awesomeness of our beloved flyboy. keep on rockin on.
Miso-no-Tsuki's avatar
:wow: :wow:
You did it! *And* in character. Seriously awesome stuff, Chryso!! *:+favlove:
crysothemis's avatar
;) This is my true colors coming out -- not the wings, 'cause wings actually don't do much for me, but the oddball sense of humor.

Humor doesn't come across so much in straight portrait work, so I think I've thrown quite a few people for a loop, here. =P
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