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Phalenopsis 1

I'm finally taking an art class -- yay! -- so I chose something I was utterly clueless about, namely watercolor. This is a practice piece for the class. I decided to try to paint one of the orchids on my kitchen counter because I figured it would be a good opportunity to practice wet-on-wet.

I can see tons of technical flaws in this, but since it's my third painting for the class, I'm actually reasonably happy with it.
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very cool. I might be takin an art class this summer...and all they have that may fit into my schedule is watercolor. looks like itll be fun!
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That's awesome! You really CAN draw such things! It nearly looks like a photo O_o OMFG!
crysothemis's avatar
Thank you! I can tell that it's not quite photo-like, but since I was working from life rather than a photo, I'm happy with that.

(I'm giggling at your sig -- that's right, Joe, popsicles!)
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xDDD I got it from one bonus things on the DVDs.... It was so awesome that i had to use it xDDD But i will change it sometime...

Keep your awesomeness!!!!! xDD
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Lovely orchidaceae! the colours are lush and it looks good.
The "technical flaws" are not particularly evident, though of course we're always our own worst critics. Nice to see you back:D
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Thanks! Yeah, we're all our own worst critics, aren't we? I'm really glad you liked this one.
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Nice to see you branching out! This is great considering you've just taken up watercolours! Here I thought you were just mean with pencils, but no! You've really got some natural artistic talent there!

Oh the jealously is all-consuming.
crysothemis's avatar
:blush: Thanks! Glad you like it. Actually, I find that practice in any medium helps with the next medium, 'cause you're not just training your pencil, you're training your eye....

Now if only I could figure out color. (This doesn't count, since it's basically just different intensitis of the same fuchsia.)
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It's amazing! You've recently started with watercolors and you've done a very pretty piece of art. Beautiful!
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Thank you! I feel like I've gotten lot from my class already, but I have much, much more to learn.
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Gorgeous colors; the orchid looks beautiful... (I love orchids ;))
crysothemis's avatar
Thanks! I love orchids, too. Just wish I could keep something other than Phalenopsis alive. But that would require regular watering and more light than I have available, so I stick with what I've got.

Glad you liked it!
creepmaster's avatar
Absolutely beautiful.

It seems like you've been gone FOREVER! =]
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Hey, thanks! And yeah, I'm still alive! Been too busy to do much art lately, but the watercolor class is changing that....
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Honestly, not so much with the flaws. You kept the white areas white, that's the main thing! :cuddle:
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Well, I didn't do the shading right, should have used a cool color in there with the intense magenta. And I can't get a flat wash flat to save my life. But yeah, whites are pretty vital, huh?
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Thank you! I'm really glad you liked it.
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This is so beautiful! I know nothing about flora, but thsi is so lovely.


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Thanks! I don't know much about flora, myself. All I know is that Phalenopsis are the easiest orchids to grow -- they must be, because mine are still alive. : :
Sunoku's avatar
Heh. I wouldn't know. The most intricate things I've done in a garden is dig and put in some bulbs in front of my shul. :) I was in the paper.
SarcasticFox's avatar

Like.. Wow.

You take art class? I never thought you'd need it... *blinks* You're so crazy good already.
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Thanks! And yeah, I tried playing with watercolors on my own, but couldn't make them do what I wanted them to. Hence the class.
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