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Monstrous sketches

Just some quick sketches of a couple Jabberwocky sorts of creatures. I haven't drawn from imagination in a long time, and it's kind of fun to see what I've internalized (nevermind what I haven't) from reference-based drawing.

Almost put these in scraps, but I'm weirdly fond of them, so here they are.
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Wow....those are really good. So those were quick would take me hours do do that.
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damn I wish I could sketch like that, I guess I just havent had enough practice.
These are awesome. I liked the winged creature.
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Practice definitely helps. The fascinating thing (to me, anyway) is that practice drawing one kind of thing helps in drawing other kinds of things. I think it has to do with understanding how light and shadow reveal form, and also with (very) basic anatomy . . .
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Thanks! I had fun with them.
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Wow. Those are cool and REALLY good. Happy you didn't put them in scraps! Now, I think you could design all the cratures for my story. haha I love it. Dunno why tho. *favorites it*
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Hey, thanks! Guess I'm glad I didn't consign them to scraps, then. ;)
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Hehehehehe. Yeah! Thanks! hehe, ohh, by the way I meant creature not cratures...I am the queen of typos :D
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Very nicely done :D
i like them very much ^^
good job
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Thanks! I had fun with them.
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Those are awesome! I wish I could shade, or even draw monsters, like that :D

As a random side note - I have a mouse named Jabberwocky so your artist's comment made me giggle.
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Hey, thanks! My only advice is to draw from life or photo reference *a lot* to get a feel for light and shadow.

Also? Jabberwocky is an awesome name for a mouse.
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Very Interesting, love the first one. :P
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Thanks! I think I agree with you that the first one came out better. Foreshortening is always a risk, but entertaining to try. ;)
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