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John Sheppard - 20 by crysothemis John Sheppard - 20 by crysothemis
More new (old) art.

This portrait of Sheppard (from Stargate: Atlantis) was also drawn for the print zine Surfacing back in 2006.

Medium is pencil -- I'm pretty sure this one was primarily HB.
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ShaSonSil Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2015
Yay, I found some traditional art!
This is really well drawn. I'm speechless. :)
tealmanx Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013
toomuchfandom Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013
This is awesome!
adavesseth Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really like your style! Especially the shading in his face, and the way you've captured his fly-by hair is great!
destinyrko Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012  Student General Artist
manga-eefke Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2011  Student
Nice work
hinokumo Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2011
This is one of my favorites! You've caught that little boy gleam in his eyes perfectly :D
WingedReaver Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow. As a fan of Stargate Atlantis, I must say...these are perfect. I was looking at the character drawings and I saw yours...I looked at most of them, and I suddenly got that "feeling" to add them to my favorites. They are all so...perfect!
Alessaismyidol Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He is so hot.

Very good work.
7DeEspadas Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Really GOOD work!! I hope be able draw like this some day. Keep it up!
ladyknight1991 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
wow this is fantastic!!
Barbarooskies Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2009
I have a mega crush on John Sheppard. This picture is adorable.
MasjjOo Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2009
that's so realistic! cool!
Nighty-chan Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
Hehe. How cute.
Great job how the light sparkels on his hair.
Madamwolf Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2008
John's very cute in this one, I like it.
lysambre Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2008
Amazing ! :D
cerasi1 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2008
'Tis great :D
marislily Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2008
I can't believe I haven't visited your page for so long! I was absolutely positive I had you on my watch list...problem solved, now! And, OMG! What an awesome drawing of John *squee* He looks so cool, all younger and all that!

Keep up the great work! I am truly amazed by your fantastic talent!!!
Kath-13 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your art work is amazing. Please keep on with the Atlantis portraits - can never have enough! (Especially of Ronon Dex).
numb22z Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2008
He looks like younger, very nice !
use-the-force Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2008  Professional Writer
wow thats good.

i did a colour pencil study of him in a hasmat suit once to practice doing different lighting (i though the blue/pink thing was so cool)
but that was ages ago

this is good ^_^
Wraithhunter Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2008
Wow, that's really great. I love your drawings. And I
love Shep! My own drawings aren't so good, but I work on it and hope I'll be better soon!
SGAlteran Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Wish I had that for a poster! great work
gardendoor Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2008
Gorgeous! I love all the different shade gradations that make things like the tac vest and uniform pop nicely, and you managed to capture his face and his crazy hair.
Rita-Ria Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
PERFECT likeness
Jajka24 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2008
Simply amazing! :clap:
elvenham Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Such wonderful likeness. Pretty much everyone else has commented on the "younger" appearance, but it's certainly not a bad thing. It sort of gives us an image of the characters in happier times. Anyway, your pencil work never fails to amaze me. And I love his perpetually messed-up hair!
Ayanea Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2008
Seems pretty young for John...

Add some wrinkles!

Ah ah

No, cool job, and nice model! ^^
jlel Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow... Amazing... And HB too! I find it hard working with HB... I prefer the good ole mechanical pencil myself... Of course mechanical pencils causes indentations on the paper if you press too hard...
crysothemis Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2008
Thanks! Technically, I'm using a mechanical pencil, too -- Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencil leads in a lead holder.

I like that they're so easy to sharpen and the holder never gets too short to hold. Also, the Lumograph leads are really smooth and consistent, no hard bits or flaws, unlike some pencils I've tried.
jlel Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhh... The Lumograph! I've heard of it but I've not seen it being sold here in Malaysia... Sad... I use the Pilot Shaker myself and Buncho 2B lead. Btw, your drawings are really really good and I can only do a fraction of what you've done in the shadings and stuff! And I read that you learnt how to draw only recently? And all on your own? Bravo! Great job! :D
Mirax-chan Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great work :D
stefou39 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2008
Wow!! Beautiful!! Nice work!!!
Xahtonnoj Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008
This piece is an excellent example of how the subject in almost all of your works ends up looking several years younger than the original. An odd quirk, but an extremely good likeness.
crysothemis Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2008
Hee! I do tend to do that -- not even sure how. Although I'm thinking part of it is the expressions I choose to draw.

Carasaib Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008
Freakin' awesome, as usual! ^_^
Metal-Gear-Link Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008
One of my favorite shows!!!
BadBruzer Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008
another great drawing :D
SmallChange Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Wow, cute! I love the realistic expression.
fyrewoode Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008
he looks like a little boy in this.... teh cute! you certainly have a gift for his expressions.

whatawingnut Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008
That's really good. Great shading and detail. I really like the lighting. Great job keep up the great work. ^_^
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