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John Sheppard - 20

More new (old) art.

This portrait of Sheppard (from Stargate: Atlantis) was also drawn for the print zine Surfacing back in 2006.

Medium is pencil -- I'm pretty sure this one was primarily HB.
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Yay, I found some traditional art!
This is really well drawn. I'm speechless. :)
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I really like your style! Especially the shading in his face, and the way you've captured his fly-by hair is great!
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This is one of my favorites! You've caught that little boy gleam in his eyes perfectly :D
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Wow. As a fan of Stargate Atlantis, I must say...these are perfect. I was looking at the character drawings and I saw yours...I looked at most of them, and I suddenly got that "feeling" to add them to my favorites. They are all so...perfect!
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He is so hot.

Very good work.
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Really GOOD work!! I hope be able draw like this some day. Keep it up!
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wow this is fantastic!!
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I have a mega crush on John Sheppard. This picture is adorable.
that's so realistic! cool!
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Hehe. How cute.
Great job how the light sparkels on his hair.
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John's very cute in this one, I like it.
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I can't believe I haven't visited your page for so long! I was absolutely positive I had you on my watch list...problem solved, now! And, OMG! What an awesome drawing of John *squee* He looks so cool, all younger and all that!

Keep up the great work! I am truly amazed by your fantastic talent!!!
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Your art work is amazing. Please keep on with the Atlantis portraits - can never have enough! (Especially of Ronon Dex).
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He looks like younger, very nice !
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wow thats good.

i did a colour pencil study of him in a hasmat suit once to practice doing different lighting (i though the blue/pink thing was so cool)
but that was ages ago

this is good ^_^
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Wow, that's really great. I love your drawings. And I
love Shep! My own drawings aren't so good, but I work on it and hope I'll be better soon!
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Wish I had that for a poster! great work
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Gorgeous! I love all the different shade gradations that make things like the tac vest and uniform pop nicely, and you managed to capture his face and his crazy hair.
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