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Joe Flanigan in Burbank

Normally I draw characters rather than actors, but I had the good fortune to be able to meet Joe in person at a recent Stargate convention, and, well, this is my way of summing up the experience.

HB pencil, drawn looking at a reference photo by lilferret (on livejournal)

I think I've gotten better at getting a range of tone out of my pencil. Either that, or I finally got my scanner settings right, because I didn't have to adjust the contrast on this one.
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This is perfect...he has the cutest little Spocky ears.!!
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Ohhoo, you lucky person!!! :tears:
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I love it! Gosh that is totally awsome!!
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Love It ~ Great Talent.
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Very lovely pencil work! Great job with the detail and realism!!
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brilliant portrait!
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Awesome work! :+fav:
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Thank you! I haven't been drawing as much this year, but I still love SGA and my pencils.

It's a bummer that Joe had to cancel that one -- he also canceled on a con I went to last year. I hope he can make it to Germany sometime soon. He was really great to meet and listen to -- funny, thoughtful, and very charming.
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Hello! I love this one,too! Thanks for drawing again!

Hope, I'll also meet Joe on a convention. Here in Germany was a Convention named "Battlestar Atlantia" (Con for Battlestar Galactica and Stargate Atlantis) and Joe was listed as guest, but unfortunately, he must cancel this one. What a pity!

I really love your drawings!
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i'm so jealous!!! the only stargate conventions in my country are all the way in BC. a four hour plane ride away. lol.

i'm glad you got to meet him though, and as always I love, love, love your work.

How are you liking season 4?
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Thanks! I'm sorry they don't do more Canadian conventions. After all, they do film in your country! But I guess it's up to Creation, not the studio.

I'm loving Season 4. Doppelganger is my favorite episode so far. Two Sheppards -- it was just tailor made for me. :D
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Awesome ;) can't believe you met him... ^^; Finally. :XD: He's pretty cool out of character too ...just as a human =D
crysothemis's avatar
Thanks! And I can't believe I finally met him, either. He was great -- friendly, charming, thoughtful, and funny. And, you know, easy on the eyes. ;)
Ahuvah's avatar
=D It was about time anyway... ;) sounds like a nice guy, and easy on the eyes helps :giggle: :hug:
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Thats brilliant and beautiful!
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You are welcome.
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This is amazingly well done. I dunno what it is but every time I see Joe Flanigan (as himself) he looks wary or closed off. I think it's something about his angles at which he faces the camera. body language and all.
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Thanks! And yeah, he does have that sometimes, although I have to say that at this convention he was amazingly relaxed and open and charismatic.

If you haven't seen it, there's a bit of video from the con here: [link]
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Awesome work. I wish that they would bring a Stargate Convension to Perth.
crysothemis's avatar
Thanks! And they really should. I know JF was just in Melbourne and N.Z. -- once he's made it to the opposite end of the globe, it shouldn't be so hard to hop across a continent. ;)
ssjTitan's avatar
Yeah Damn straight!! =D
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