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Empy Sky

Watercolor for the Character of Color Lovathon on livejournal's choc_fic community.

Because I still love me some Stargate: Atlantis characters.
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Wow, this is so intriguing and gorgeous, thank you!
I'm not a SG person, so I can't recognize the characters, but I can certainly recognize that the work is amazing.

I especially loved how the one's clothes fit in with the rocks, and the other's, with the mountain.
ognonamis's avatar
This is awesome. Love the display of friendship and team work....great job.
ladyatropos's avatar
*happy sigh*
need i say more?
streetmilo's avatar
It's beautiful :)
sgatlantisfan11's avatar
Wow that is amazing! great job!
Praeclaro's avatar
Beautiful! Got to love the way the colors blend, and all the tunes... plus the texture of that paper. I think the landscape really has a temperature to it.
Elemental-Bubblegum's avatar
OMFG that's amazing!!!!!
Alimoey's avatar
Beautiful! Nice choice of colors and I love the concept. Well done! :clap:
I like it! Is that a crashed wraith dart at the bottom of the picture?
crysothemis's avatar
Thanks. It is a crashed dart! Not quite sure how they brought it down, but I'm sure it was their doing. :) Right now they're heading uphill to rendez-vous with Teyla and Rodney.

Or something like that.
Miso-no-Tsuki's avatar
Gorgeous! Lighting and sky are beautiful, all muted washy colours. Characters are spot-on and you *even* got Shep's pointy ears! :+fav: :heart:
I'm sooo jealous. Never could get the hang of watercolours. :D
crysothemis's avatar
Thank you! So glad you liked it. Shep's pointy ears are, of course, crucial to the verisimilitude. ;)

I couldn't get the hang of watercolors at all, either, until I took a class in them, but I have an awesome teacher.
SuperSimba's avatar
Wow, that's beautiful!
xenachan's avatar
Love the colors !
Really nice art : Ronon helping John... heart !
crysothemis's avatar
Thanks, I'm so glad you liked it.
fyrewoode's avatar
Love it. dig the manly love.
LadyAtlantis's avatar
OMG!! The colors! The colors! :drool: xDDD
faierius's avatar
Yay!! :D I love Atlantis! Can't wait for the new season! Great picture, I absolutely love the character interaction! Stunning! :clap: And Love the crashed Dart!!! :love:
eliatra's avatar
Lovely colors and lighting! The soft look to this is just beautiful; the atmosphere of a hazy, early morning really comes through to me. Awesome work!! :+favlove:
Saphira11's avatar
Beautiful! :+fav: heart:
Ahuvah's avatar
:aww: :heart: Beautiful! I really love the lighting...
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