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My Bio
I read, listen to music, and write. I love English. I hope to be an English Teacher/Writer someday.
*Note: If you see something that you recognize, I didn't steal it, I shared it, so don't get your panties/boxers in a wad.
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Favourite Movies
Anything Disney/Dreamworks or Anything besides Sci-Fi
Favourite TV Shows
Once Upon A Time/OUAT
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Lady Gaga/Evanescence
Favourite Writers
Stephenie Meyer, Suzzanne Collins, Laura McHugh
Favourite Games
Any Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Favourite Gaming Platform
Oh, hi, didn't see ya there. Sorry everyone. Just been really busy with work and life<3
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Hey Everyone

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I'm sorry that I've been so inactive lately. I started college and a lot of things are going on right now. I'm just really confused on how things got to the point they did. I don't regret anything. I'll just be inactive for a little while longer. I don't feel the best and I want to be my best when I interact with you guys. I appreciate everyone that's stuck with me this far. Thank you.
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*Dont mind me I'm just passing through*
You're welcome
Thank you for faving! ^^
You're welcome! :3
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I'm sorry we haven't talked much. Life may be getting in the way of a lot of things