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The Reasons for Things

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Oh fine, have another dragon. ;)
This was painted a while back as a commission for my residential college - my hall's logo is an ouroboros which makes doing art for them pretty awesome.

What's really cool is that this was printed out on a massive scale, at about two metres wide, that I then presented to the college at Commencement with all my terribly eloquent speech skills. It's the 50th anniversary of the hall this year and I hid the years in the bookshelves as a sneaky reference to that.

No idea on the time as I worked on it over summer, but Photoshop CS4 and a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet as always.

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How'd he get in there?
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"Oh, hello there! Please, feel free to browse; just remember the library has a three-at-a-time limit for checking out books. Enjoy yourself!

"...Please, don't be afraid. I know a library is the last place you expected to find a dragoness such as myself, but I promise I'm not dangerous. I won't eat you for being too loud or something terrible like that. Though you WILL be in for a quick snarl or two."
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StatsMannStudent Digital Artist
One day.. i will draw like that! ^^
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I hope it would be ok if I link this page with your name and include the picture in a list of threads on a forum that I am working on.
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Love the dragon in the library. I love to read.
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Panda-DogHobbyist General Artist
This is such a cozy piece of art. Looking at it makes me feel happy. :)
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DeVoutNumelranHobbyist Digital Artist
Epic. So very astounding. :)
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LongBeautifulDayHobbyist Photographer
I love the atmosphere. And dragon in the library is the perfect dragon.:meow:
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xSilverxEaglexHobbyist Traditional Artist
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alligirlStudent General Artist
Wow. I haven't checked up on you for a while--and this is what I was missing. Incredible. I love the dragon's scales, the color palette, the natural pose of not-quite-eating its tail, and the subtleness of the years worked in--I didn't notice them at first, but they're so very clear now. You just did a phenomenal job; hope you're continuing to enjoy your work.
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Would love to spend my quiet days in the library with that dragon. :)
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beautiful dragon
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AeradaeHobbyist Digital Artist
Lovely :aww:
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very nice coloursss
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Fangy-From-ShadowHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm wordless.
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EmbrymandreStudent Traditional Artist
Featured here : [link]
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Koi-LanternStudent General Artist
mmm, colors, the colors.
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xXDamselFlyXxStudent Digital Artist
Really cool.
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That's beautiful. :) The warm sun pouring through the window, the flowers and cup of tea sets a nice atmosphere in this picture. The way the dragon is smiling slightly with it's tail in mouth looks cute. :) It was a good choice to set the scene in the library - it's a good symbol of knowledge and... well, I've lost the thread of my thoughts now, of what I was going to say. :XD: Drats. What do you mean by your terribly eloquent speech skills? I'm sure you spoke great words, if your meaningful cheery journals are anything to go by (although I acknowledge that writing a journal and speaking with hundreds of people staring at you present different pressures :lol:), and even if you think you did crap, I daresay few will remember any stuff-ups by you in the future. :P I'm guessing it felt awesome to receive the commission from the college, as it means they were really impressed by your work, and it will be seen by many people in future.
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kpwordProfessional Writer
Forget bookworms. Bookdragons are cooler.
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You were featured here: [link] . :iconfeatureplz:
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Very good work.
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nFeyrnaHobbyist Photographer
I can relate to the dragons apparant satisfaction. Surrounded by books with a nice cup of (assumed) tea. Sounds like the perfect place on earth!

This has some beautiful design and I love how well the dates in the bookshelf came out. You did a wonderful job!
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NikitaDarkstarHobbyist Writer
Wow that is so beautiful Crys. Looks like that little dragon is spending some quality time in heaven. :3 (Well my version of heaven anyway, nice, bright day and an old library XD)
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