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This was a commission for an awesome person's 21st. It was completed back in September but we were keeping it a surprise until the big day. =D

I had such an awesome time painting this. I was given free reign and had great fun including all the little things, like the hat or the eyes on the kite. It was printed and professionally framed and it looked amazing. It's really cool what a good framing job can do for a painting!

This was the first piece of art I did on my new tablet, actually. The birds are Australian Magpies and are some of my favourite feathered critters. They have so much personality and they're complete dorks.

I'm not requesting critiques on this one because it is finished, printed and framed and I won't be working on it again but still feel free to point out any areas I could improve on - I'll use the knowledge for future works. :) Otherwise, thank you so much for any comments, I appreciate hearing everybody's thoughts!

Time: 20 and a half hours.
Tools: Photoshop CS4, Wacom Intuos 4 tablet
Music: Probably 80s music. Always with the 80s music.

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Katara1111Hobbyist General Artist's so beautiful ^^! I love the carefree-ness that you can feel when looking at it! They look like they're having so much fun :)
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dragonfly-spiritStudent General Artist
I love the little flick of elegance you give this dragon by connecting the first 2…wing-fingers?…with a curve. Again, your dragons are inspiring me, your wings (both draconian and avian) are incredible, and I love the feathers and clouds.
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Okay... There's a dragon in a hat on my computer screen... I think I'm in love...

This is incredible!! It's so beautiful yet... slightly ridiculous at the same time.
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LWolfe24601 Traditional Artist
I really like the color scheme.
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RocCenereHobbyist General Artist
I love this picture, the colours just work perfectly together.
I do admire the dusty effect you have on the clouds, whether this is just form the general brown overtone, doesn't matter, it just reminds me of Australia and the heat of summer (and when there's wind I've put up a kite or two!)

And I REALLY like his little hat.
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Oh and beautiful colours and amazing detail... love the hat as well!
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Oh my goodness! I love Australian Magpies and I love dragons... this is just perfect, I'm squeeing like a little fan-girl =)
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this is such a lovely picture <3
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LeunbrundHobbyist Digital Artist
Adroing the mix of feathers and skin. Kind of eerie weirdness to it; like when you have too much sugar and know there'll be stomachache later? Does that make sense?

Anyway, love the colors.
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Prince-Pierrot General Artist
Absolutely breathtaking!
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wow, this is really awesome. I love the magpies!!
the dragon's head looks a bit small but i reckon its sooooo cute, including the kite :D
RocCenere's avatar
RocCenereHobbyist General Artist
I really love the shape of the dragon's wings. And magpies are indeed awesome, I used to have a resident fellow who would warble at dawn.
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Ember-EyesHobbyist General Artist
Freakin' awesome! Love the wings on the dragon, and the clouds, too! :D
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What a fun piece! You can almost feel the breeze :)
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claudiocerriProfessional Digital Artist
BetterthanBunnies's avatar
Just brilliant!
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ezraer General Artist
love the way you made the clouds
RiverStreak's avatar
This is purdy! The golden color everywhere makes it so lovely. And the brown hat- you totally earn points for that. :+fav:
xegek's avatar
I still can't get over how amazing this is :D Thank you so very very much :)
LovesMexLovesMeNot's avatar
rlly? o.o how on earth do u do it? 0_0
LovesMexLovesMeNot's avatar
awesome..:D did u do this in watercolors?o.o it looks fabulous ^^
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cryslaraProfessional Digital Artist
Nah, this is digital art, it was painted in Photoshop. :)
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Stunning! I love the mood, and the colors are incredible. The birds look so pretty, and the dragon's wings are amazing.

The hat was a nice touch. ;)
profoundlyscrewedup's avatar
Looking at this picture gives me this great sense of freedom. <3 I love it!
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