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Into the Woods

By cryslara
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This was a commission for a gift to someone who loves musicals. It was one of those jobs for a great client where a lot of trust was thrown to me, and I had a delightful time just leaning right into a silly idea. So here are ibis performing one of my favourite musicals.

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I was pulling away from a stoplight when a group of Ibis on Amelia Island Florida took off and flew right in front of my car. I didn't have time to react and heard one hit the bumper, then, I looked in my rear view to see one lying in the middle of the road. He or she was a juvenile too, still brown and not yet white. I went over the little hill and turned around to go back. It was less than a minute it took me to turn around to see and when I returned the ibis was nowhere to be seen. I drove to the dock and parked. Got out to check my bumper, which had a small crack of a flimsy little plastic pillar beside the license plate bracket. No big deal. I got back in my car and then a group of Ibis came flying in, white one brown one with them. They landed and the brown one was walking funny, like he'd been smacked by a car bumper. I watched them forage for about half an hour. The brown one was limping a little but seemed to be okay as he dug and ate whatever they eat like the rest of the flock. Then, they all took off flying. I was so worried but realized he survived the glancing blow off my bumper. I was only going about 20. Thank God. I hope that was him, or her, anyway.

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This is beutiful!

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With the mimicking and elaborate songs and displays birds do.... I wouldn't be surprised if there were "bird plays". Performances by peacocks, birds of paradise, and cranes... set design by bower birds.

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Dat is some good art

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Very nicely done! :clap: !!!

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Wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if you actually got dragons running around somewhere in the land down under.

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Frilled neck lizards, thorny devils, goannas, salt water crocodiles....we basically do have dragons :p

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I love the concept, and the rendering is fantastic. Those are some nice looking rocks, for one thing, and the wolf mask is hilarious. It sure is nice of the dragon to act as a perch and a shade for some of the birds; I hope those wings aren't getting too tired!

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He is very kind! Thank you for your lovely words. :)

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What a fantastic original idea and spotless execution! Wow! :D

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I saw my first Shakespeare play in a setting like this;

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That sounds beautiful!

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This is adorable, wholesome and beautiful all at once.

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