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December 15, 2008
Circling Skies - The Birds by =cryslara is gorgeous. The triptych setup, composition, colors, and lighting, its all there! With the pretty touches, there's also a touch of the morbid -- like how you can see the birds' bones through the scarves.
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Circling Skies - The Birds

Daily Deviation: Oh wow guys... I am speechless in the face of all your awesome. Thank you, all of you, for your kind words, questions, critique, watches and even just passing through. You're wonderful.

:heart: :heart:


The unattainable desire to fly, the desire to improve ourselves by imitating the birds, is both absurd and beautiful.

Dreams are ridiculous yet precious; in chasing hopes we create amazing things.

Part of my HSC Major work for Visual Arts. This is the complement to the three charcoal pieces and probably my favourite piece of the lot.
The birds are a White Faced Heron, a Laughing Kookaburra and a Black Swan, along with fairy wren inspired birds on the edges.

This was painted and printed very large which was pretty taxing on my computer. Hence there's more I would've liked to have done with this had I the time and technology but I am still very happy with how it turned out.

Tools: Photoshop CS2, wacom tablet
Size: This was printed spectacularly large, in three panels. Together they came to about 150x50 cm

(I apologise for the obnoxious watermarking but as this is a digital piece and for school I'd prefer if it didn't go wandering.)

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dpcdpc11's avatar

It's beautiful! Good work!

Creatoren's avatar

Wow that's totally great <3 That's a great artwork o.O - some kind of insane

ViniVidi's avatar
The color palette here is outstanding,just wow!
MoonKoiDragoness's avatar
wow! this is impressive! :clap:
ExquisiteIllusions's avatar
OMG WOW, so trippy once you figure out what the ribbon does. =)
Social-Misfit's avatar
This gorgeous art piece was featured in my journal here [link]
I love your idea with the ribbon revealing the bones underneath.
zufalls-foto's avatar
beautiful creation
Myranoth500's avatar
This is AMAZING.
arashilee's avatar
Super cool
Not only the art
even the picture have meaning on it
SophieShimazu's avatar
Stunning. The colors are magic. :love:
LaPetiteNyctale's avatar
Oh wow, this is beautiful!
Dr-pepper14's avatar
omg! it's a magical x-ray towel!

this is really pretty! it flows so nicly! and it's so elegant!
keep up the good work!
Loopstok's avatar
WoooWW!!! amazing!!!
Kfames's avatar
fAtHoM-bEe-RyOn's avatar
Wow...this is amazing! I like your elegant style. I try to put that same 'feeling' in my work!
themagikalman's avatar
how do you paint so elegantly!! teach me!!
chaoshoshigaki's avatar
This is no different than any of your other comments, but I can't help but say how entrancing this piece is! I especially love how the cloth when passing over the birds shows their skeletal structure, I find it a very creative way to incorporate it into the picture. I also enjoy the other small details you put into this. (ex: flowers, flock of birds in the distance, gears in the branches.)
phallusdei's avatar
Really really beautifull!
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