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Ante Meridiem

And back into the world of warm colours! Don't worry, I do use blue occasionally. I'm just working this urge for warm palettes out of my system.

This was a commission for Rashan and his girlfriend, Nikita. I'm adoring white creatures lately. I'm still working on getting them to look white but I love attempting to paint them anyway. =D

Oh I love latin.

Time: 22 hours
Tools: Photoshop, Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet
Music: Sufjan Stevens - beautiful acoustic music.

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I have to say, this is an exceptional piece!

The dragons are extremely well drawn, and so detailed: you can see individual scales if you look really closely, and the texture of the wings is perfect as well. The whole background is magnificent; I would love to visit there if it existed!

I must also applaud you for the expressions on the dragons' faces- both exude such happiness and love. The positioning really gives a feeling that they are comfortable together, and the intertwined tails is a nice touch.

There were only two things that I could see that maybe could be improved a bit (these are kind of nit picky things). One is the fact that the clouds look a bit sharp. If they were a little fluffier, it may have worked better with the softness of the emotion in the image. Secondly, I almost wish there was just a little more color. The green dragon really stands out, but the lighter colored one seems to fade a bit in the background. I'm not saying that it has to be extremely bright, but maybe a little of a different color mixed in with what it is currently (not too much, though, because that might overshadow the dragons). Hope that made a bit of sense...

All in all, wonderful! Keep up the great work!
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I'm glad that the scales are visible even on the downsized version of this - the scale work and other details are often my favourite part of painting dragons (that and the wings).

I agree with you on the sharpness of the clouds! I tried to keep that in mind for the painting I've just been working on. I took up your advice about colours too and tried to include more colour variation - I really agree with you on that point, I'm slowly learning to bring in more colour variation while still keeping everything unified.

Thank you for your crit, it was really helpful. :D
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No problem, I'm glad you found it helpful! :aww:
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I have to agree on the colors, maybe its just fun with LCD monitors, but on my screen the whole image, while absolutely gorgeous, appears somewhat pale, a bit washed out? The indivdual color balances are fine, as are the overall compositions, it just needs more contrast...i.e. just play with the contrast slider in photoshop or somesuch. That's my two bits.
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Hmm, I always worry about the colour differences between monitors - on mine this is a pretty saturated, golden orange piece (Though it even changes between programs. This looks awful in window's picture preview which worries me too. :P ).
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Yeah, I agree, its definitely annoying that no one can standardize that sort of thing, I have the same problem when I'm doing postwork on fractals, its always hard to tell which is the way the image will show up on the web.
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It is one of the most beautiful fantasy arts I've ever seen. So wonderful, miraculous, and yet so warm and touching. Just... no words have to be said. Love lives forever.
Respect, and inspiration to you!
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UHHHH those WINGS :heart: I love the whole scene and the tone of the background? :) it's so magical! 
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So beautiful.Heart 
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Dude this is fantastic!
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This is so adorable! 
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This is so cute and lovely Love Clap 
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so inspiring.... reminds me of spyro and cynder in dawn of the dragon :)
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Wow! Look at the amazing detail on this piece!!
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Linked here from Two Steps From Hell - I love you forever on youtube. Very nice.
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This is so beautiful.. :o
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Responding to old comments? =p
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actually funny story, I was on a youtube video, the video used this picture, I went to picture, searched comments for some reason and viola, there you are c:
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Really? Haha, i found it from a video too of some awesome music ;w; XD
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