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Another Bleach Fangirl artwork:D

I actually tried to go with mellow tones, on this one, not sure if this is following the advice I received but I am trying. I'd be happy to get feedback:aww:

Process: Nel_The Drawing Process

Bleach Characters © Tite Kubo

Edit: I didn't notice until this morning that there was a mistake I forgot to fix, but as usual I'm blown away when I saw all the amazing comments and faves for this pieceTHANK YOU to All the Supporting Comments, Faves, and +Watches. I'm so happy that I could share my love of Bleach with you all and hope to continue making artworks like this!Heart I am a dummy! 
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Hi there!

Love the use of colors as always. The hair is very nicely rendered. I like the back ground too. Did you create the background from scratch?

A little bit about the pose feels off to me. Her right upper arm feels short, while the left upper arm feels too long by eyeing and comparing the too arms. Also the waist feels to narrow to me, but it could be a style choice so it's fine <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>

Am not that great with words, so I actually copied your image and did a quick paintover here: to illustrate what i mean
hope you don't mind

Gave you 5 on impact because the thumbnail really caught my eye in the notifications.

Keep it up!
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crysibluProfessional Digital Artist
Yep, I do all my backgrounds with random shapes and color after I've decided where to place the light, then draw the character based on the lighting/mood set by the background.

And I see what you're saying, and that happens to be where I struggled the most, for some reason I could see the pose in my head as usual but struggled to bring it out this time:D Thanks for the input, I'll try to remember what you said for future pieces:nod:
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Ahhhhh.....Neliel, the cute little adorable, grown up and mops the with #5 in seconds. and original #3 Espada. Okay Critique time. I don't see anyone having problems seeing this. But then again this alone is a pretty clear idea of a piece as well.

The originality is a 5. So far I haven't seen anyone make this or anything similar to this.

Your technique is pretty great. The body is great but her lower torso region looks too curved in on her right. Also the part that leads to your page is halfway faded. Even though it's still readable some people might not be able to make it out so consider that in the future. But the bright sparkles are a nice touch, the various shaded parts of Neliel's hair is also good. Her Anatomy isn't half bad either. The look of her eyes says she's ready to fight and the glint of her blade......executed very well too. Your attention do to detail saved your technique score.

And your impact was a solid 3. Don't get me wrong, Fanart is great and will pull you in a lot of views, watchers and faves. But there's only a few pieces that stand out from the rest. Why that is? I do not know but it's true. I advise picking a harder character or one with many colors if you can. All and all this was a rather well did picture. of Neliel. I hope you make more works. I'll gladly give my honest opinion when needed.
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gorgeous! nice pose
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Very beautiful ◠‿◠
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NinjaDragon3 Digital Artist
Wow I LOVE how you painted her hair! I love how flowy it is along with the bright highlights! *.* Amazing job on this! :D
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xPlushie-NinjaxHobbyist Artisan Crafter
You just gotta love Nel :iconinloveplz: All that flowing hair looks so cool.
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Wonderful art :love:
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Amazing and cool art work, congratulations!
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nice detail on the hair. Love the backgrounds too :D
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knytcrawlrHobbyist Digital Artist
wow, just wow
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crysibluProfessional Digital Artist
Glad you likes:D
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knytcrawlrHobbyist Digital Artist
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AkameZ16Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this looks amazing!!!
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Oh WA-HA-AW! Just stunningly beautifull art. i fav this!
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I likes! Those "2 green headlights" are beaming right at the screen! :D
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PhotoshopforearthHobbyist Digital Artist
Great job!
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Awesome and sexy :wow:
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FurkanHolmesHobbyist General Artist
nice job ! :)
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colin6969Hobbyist Photographer
Damn I just love your Bleach art pieces ! :D
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jamtriggerhappyHobbyist General Artist
i love this!!! great work!! Clap 
BLACKMASK-COMICSProfessional General Artist
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