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Lucy Heartfilia

I guess you could call this a new outfit design/2016 Wallpaper for Lucy, I'm not sure what she'll be wearing officially but I kinda like this look.

Considering what happen on the last episode, actually through the lastest season, I hope Lucy comes back stronger both emotionally and physically, so I can't wait to see what happens next:meow:

Speed Painting

Lucy Heartfilia(c) Mashima Hiro
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Is it ok if I use this for my cover on a fanfiction? I will give you credits.
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Sure i dont mind:D
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Hey, I just want to say that your art style is absolutely amazing and I love how badass Lucy looks in this along with the whole sort of wild west look she has going on with her clothing.

Secondly, I would Like to ask your permission to use this as a reference for Lucy's new outfit in the Zoro x Lucy fanfiction I'm writing.

You will receive proper credit if you allow me to use it.
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Ah Sweet Thank, yes you have my permission:)
Have fun:D
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Fantabulous! Spectacsome!

That's right, it's so good I had to come up with two not-really-real-but-kinda-real words to describe it! This one is going in the faves! :D
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Haha, well I'm honored to have kinda inspired the expansion of the English language:D
Thanks so much! I'm glad you like:D
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sexy lucy *.*
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Extremely wonderful, my friend!  :iconswingplz:
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you're welcome :)
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I love the style you used here. It's almost like she looks older or more mature than her regular appearance. :D Neat outfit design too! :thumbsup:
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Thanks, I based this look on my opinion of how I think she should look after a year passes, but according to the manga, looks like I was a bit off:D

Still I'm glad people like this version too:aww:
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I have to say this is one of the best pictures I've ever seen of Lucy.
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Thank you, I'm honored to read that:D
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I'm going to have to go through your gallery more, I'm surprised I haven't seen your work until now.....damn your good!
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Haha, I imagine it's coz there are 100's of other great artists that are a lot more active, which is sad but I get it:D Thank you Added to my devWatch! btwHeart 
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It looks beautiful!
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this is AMAZING!!!!
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Beautiful and amazing :heart:
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