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I'm finally doing this! *v*

It is my mission to complete every commission within a month from which it was first ordered! I have five slots up, but there is no limit currently.
1: :iconstarkllr2: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

• Human/Humanoid
• Sonic style/Furries
• Animals
• Other Creatures (Like Pokémon or whatever)

• Pornographic things
• Extreme Gore
• Complicated robots/machinery (Like Transformers... Robots like XJ-9 are totally fine, though!)
• Complex backgrounds
I encourage you to take a quick look at my gallery to get a better idea of my style and such. :)

Quick Notes: I will consider anything above the waist as a "bust," but anything below that is a full body!
Lineart is in quotes because it is actually just the sketch but cleaned up, most of the time. I rarely do "perfect" lineart nowadays, and don't plan to...







Extra characters are each 60% (rounded) what they would be at regular price.
A simple, abstract background is +$2. I won't do anything more complicated, and if I did, I'd go no lower than $10 for it...

These aren't commissions, but just are currently the only thing I have to show.
Here's a link to a pretty extensive sample with calculated prices.

Initial Sketch of Chibi Full $7
+ "Lineart" $1
+ Flats $1 = $9

Chibi Full $7
+ "Lineart" and Flats $2
+ Shading $4 = $13

Normal Bust $8
+ "Lineart" $2
+ Flats $2 = $12

Normal Full $10
+ "Lineart" and Flats $4
+ Shading $6
+ Simple BG $2 = $22

Normal Full $10
+ "Lineart," Flats, and Shading $10
+ Extra Character with same parameters $20*0.6(= $12)
+ Simple BG $2 = $34

Normal Full $10
+ "Lineart," Flats, and Shading $10
+ Extra with same $20*0.6(= $12)
+ Simple BG $2 = $34

Normal Full $10
+ "Lineart," Flats, and Shading $10
+ Simple BG $2 = $22

Chibi Full $7
+ "Lineart," Flats, and Shading $6
+ 5((Extra Chibi Bust $6 + "L," F, & S $6)*0.6 (≈ $7))
+ Simple BG $2 = $50

I think that's enough examples. ^_^

I only accept USD cash through Paypal.
When you send the payment, make sure to select "business"! If you were to select "personal," you'll be the one who's charged extra fees, and I don't want that for my dear customers~ (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚

- When you order, please include a thorough reference of the character(s) and their basic bio! Be as descriptive as possible of what you expect from me. I can't read your mind! ^^; If you feel no need to be specific, then I expect you to be happy with whatever I give you, honestly. Again, if you have a vision in your mind of what you'd like, please tell me!
- If you'd like your piece to be in the style of a previous work of mine, then please feel free to link it to me. :D
- You may notice that the lines of my latest works have a sketchiness to them. Let me know if you want me to work with smooth lines (this and this) or sketchy lines (this and this).
- The proportions of my Sonic style keeps changing unintentionally. The above samples show a tall, lanky style, but if I were to draw them again, they'd be more like the official style's proportions.
- My commissions are for noncommercial use only. Don't sell them or claim them as your own, please!

• You send me a note with your order.
• I approve order and send price estimate.
• You verify price. I will begin order.
• I will send quick sketch to show I started order, along with my email to PayPal. To which, you pay me half price for me to continue.
• I will send finished sketch (scaled down) for your approval. This is the stage to make any quick changes, which I will do for free.
• I finish order. You pay rest of price. I send you finished product (.psd and .png).
• If you wish to make any changes, there may be a fee depending on complexity of change... Color tweaks are usually easy.
• I will post order to both my gallery and my Tumblr, unless otherwise requested not to.

* Not necessary
*Simple Bio(s):
Normal or Chibi:
Bust or Full:
"Lineart," Flats, and/or Shading:
Simple Background:
*Any Notes:

© 2015 - 2021 Crysenley
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Hmmmm.... there is so much... awesome stuff here! I love it! :D Could you give me a special request? I have a game that I'm working on, nothing too big, gory, or needlessly sexualized. You style is perfect for it! :D I wouldn't want you devoting full time to the concept of this project as I see your a big up and coming artist, I just want a sample of what you can do. Since this is still so early in development, I can't reveal too much quite yet, but I'm certain that we can make something truly amazing..... To tell you the truth, I kind of wasn't going to make this game until I saw your art. :') But seeing you go after your art has really given me the confidence to pursue this game idea and gaming in general. I will be in touch. :)
Crysenley's avatar
Haha, I know who you are! Awww, that's so sweet of you! X3 Making an account and buying a commission from me for our anniversary. Thank you so much for being one of the best people in my life. :heart:
I appreciate the offer, but I already make samples for you and the game! It's technically my project too. But thank you, this really cheered me up. :hug:
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I'll pay you handsomely of course. ;3 
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Would you mind if I posted about this on tumblr? You deserve lots of commissions and this needs more attention!
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OMG, yes, I'd really appreciate that! ;O;
I get far too scared and nervous to try to market myself. I'm not the best at these things. X'D
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I'm always happy to help! I was gonna post up the link but tumblr only wanted to display the first picture, I was hoping it'd display a few more. I'm gonna reblog your post and give that a boost! (I pasted the picture you did of Tony for me in my reblog as a small example of your awesome art too!)

Hehe yeah I know exactly how you feel though about being nervous, I'm in the same boat right now myself.  I'm terrible at doing hype for my work! I'm super happy to help out friends though :D
Crysenley's avatar
Oh wow, I really appreciate your help! :happycry: You're just the nicest person ever!
I'm so happy right now, just knowing someone out there cares enough to help me. Thank you again! :hug:
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