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Winter's Peace

I like the color blue. :) Bet you couldn’t tell. :D
It’s my character Alaska, in a snowy scene…lol. That’s just a coincidence.
For those who asked: Alaska isn’t really depressed, she’s exhausted and likes to retreat to nature. She basically is mother nature and a lot of people have depended on her for a very long time.

Character and art copyrighted to me.
Made with a Wacom Intous 3 tablet and Adobe Photoshop CS
Approximately 45+ hours: Lineart- 5 hours, Coloring the girl – 30 hours, Background – 10 hours, Sketch – 40 min.
Many mistake, to lazy to fix them. XD
Hope you like it. :)

Edit- The full size should be showing now. :)
Some close ups-
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© 2006 - 2021 Crysa
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coolo! my fav colour too1  X3
Rarer4ever's avatar
this is so good that i didn't notice the mistakes 
HaToriSL's avatar
+fav +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav 
Metalraptor's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous. ^_^
Kirby98's avatar
Oh gaawd... is she the same girl from the other ones you did? ohh gaawd she looks so haaaaaaaaaaaaaawt now! LOL. :p

Thanks for the close up of her pretty face by the way. :D
HarunaHaru's avatar
SkullCupcakez's avatar
i wish i was u lol
SkullCupcakez's avatar
wo.....O.O..if a huge crowd see's thay i bet they'll go "OOOH"and"AAAAAHHHHH".then they will start clapping.actually,not just a crowd would do that,the world might :) awesome work!
kimmyko99's avatar
O.O Its so PRETTY!!! The colors are AMAZING! Every detail is PERFECT!!!!
SkybugUchiha's avatar
She is so pretty!
missy22673's avatar
:iconisayplz: This makes me
you D:
In a good way XD
yume-soul210's avatar
it's soo pretty the snow gives it a mystic theme the angel wings are just beautiful
diana-amazin's avatar
wonderful coloring!
Sora-Girl-9's avatar
This is amazing! The colors are so awesome.
SaireNaoriva's avatar
She's beautiful, and I'm also a fan of blue :D
Stardust-Supernova's avatar
pretty <3 Im really into snow scenes lately
animeluver98's avatar
thi si sooo pretty! btw i live in alaska!
GellidusDraconis's avatar
This is good. I have a love hate relationship about the winter. I love it, it hates me.
it's very nice
Iple3's avatar
I really love this drawing. It just puzzles me how you drew this so... perfectly. Awesome job. Ima gonna stalk your gallery now. *pushes the creepy watch button* :gallery:

Your tutorials are epic and hilarious, by the way. XD
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