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Quicky took about an hour. I just felt like submitting something lol. :)

Character copyright Disney. Art is mine.
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I love it. Would you mind if I coloured it?
stunning, I love her face; serious.

do you mind if I color it and, of course, give you credit for the lineart?
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wow such a great job - i luff that film ~_~
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How refreshing and beautiful and flowy! Very admirable, the tassely things on her clothes.
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When that movie came out it was my favorite one besides Alladin :D

Those were the only two I would want to be.
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Want to be princess wise that is. Jasmine and Pocahontas.
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She is quite beautiful. I love her hair. :)
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Oh snap! This is going to be good, I can tell. Your art always pleases. You've done a nice recreation of the style from the actual movie, but it still has the classic "Crysa" feel to it. Wonderful. -clap clap clap-
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Aww thank you so much! ^__^
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not a problem! (=^-^=)
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WOW!! thats amazing, especially for just an hours work! :D
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OOOOO *wants to color*
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pretty :) I didn't see Pocahontas for very long time XDD
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Wow, really good.
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do you mind of i color it?
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Not at all, as long as you credit. :) Have fun.
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thanks :D and of corse i will credit- the art is wonderfull, i couldn't do that XD
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Nice quiky!! You have some skill. Your quicky would be my 3 days worth of work Oo
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>_< dont work on comp for too long yoo!! *concerned* X3 :heart:
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