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Drawing Clothes And Folds



Sorry for the big image and everything being so crowded together. This took a really long time, but I got practice coloring clothes from it…lol. So if you don’t learn anything from it at least I did XD A couple of people requested one so here it is :D I don’t know if I’ll ever make another tutorial I guess it depends. Hope you like it :)

September 5, 2005- Drawing Clothes And Folds Part Two: [link]

For using any part of the tutorial:

The tutorial and everything in it is copyright to me. If you want to use the models in this tutorial for practice that’s fine. If you draw clothes on one of the models and you really like it, I don’t mind you submitting your picture with the model in it as long as you include a link back to me or this tutorial. If you want to redraw any sketch, outline, or any other picture in the tutorial for practice that’s fine, BUT if you submit it you need to link me or the tutorial…and I’d love to see it :D You can get the models by saving the tutorial and cropping or you can screen cap them.
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You posted this when I was five years old. I discovered it at eleven, memorized it, and have been using your techniques ever since. I am twenty-three years old, and just went and handed this to a friend so they too can learn the incredibly simple and easy way to do complex folds real fast.

Thank you so, so much. <3