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Create A Character - Female V

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Thank you everyone for the warm welcome back! ^__^

Instructions: It may be a little irritating but you have to click, a lot! But once you get the hang of it the program is simple. To change hair colors be sure and click the same buttons more than once. And lots of things can move! Including eyelids and the glare in their eyes! The possibilities are endless! If anyone is having trouble I might just create a tutorial on how you can go about making things. I hope you like it! :D

About the program:
This is CAC which stands for Create a Character. I started this over two years ago. Yes 2 years! I’ve spent well over 100 hours (I stopped timing myself once it hit 100) working on this bit by bit. And it is still far from completed. At the time I originally created this there was nothing (from what I could find) on Deviantart that was very similar to the concept aside from the dress up games) but today I searched DA (briefly) and there are some somewhat similar concepts. But anyway I just wanted to say I didn’t copy anyone and this would have been more original if I submitted it back in 2007 which is the last time I worked on it.

I had a lot more I had planned to add to it, such as hats, horns, angel wings, lots of jewelry, different outfits, a variety of elf ears, halos, ect. I spent months planning/mapping it out but I just don’t have the time anymore. Maybe someday…

You can create some characters similar to those in Oh My Goddess and several other popular animes.

Q: May I use the character I create and post it on DA as a deviantID or as art?

Answer: Yes as long as credit and a link to this deviation is given. :)

Q: How do I print/keep the picture?

Answer: Screen capture (the Prt Scr button) with your computer or use certain programs.

Q: Why won’t you finish CAC?

Answer: Because my art and style has changed a lot since I originally created this. I have a life now lol.
And this was made using Actionscript 2.0 and I now use 3.0.

Q: May I alter this in Photoshop and draw extra props, ect?

Answer: By all means, have at it. :)
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jinx1101 Traditional Artist

How do i get to the game?

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hoalydenHobbyist Digital Artist
Capture by hoalyden  
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Artsymlp12Hobbyist General Artist
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theTwistedFate4000Student Artist
Create A Character - Female V by Crysa  I hope you like this!
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XxxSugaxxXHobbyist Writer
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Angel-di-AngeloHobbyist General Artist
A by Angel-di-Angelo  I made my OC Ava. ^^
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thechriszStudent General Artist
I Like Your Art Keer Up The Good Work  by thechrisz  
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Mysteryguy21Hobbyist Artist
here's a character I create.
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Tabby-the-Silver-FoxHobbyist Writer
an I make some adoptables with this please?
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How do I use this?
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Capture by TheMangle202  Hi this is lia she is secretly a fariy Mrs Doyle Falls Off the Roof Mrs Doyle Falls Off the Roof but she is still learning to fly. she is 12 years old and she is really  nice.
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LarsJunFanHobbyist Digital Artist
D by LarsJunFan
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JohnnyIsIndecisiveHobbyist General Artist
I can't believe I found this again! I haven't played this since I was like 10. Such nostalgia
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luckymagic1234567Student Interface Designer
YAA Its sooo cools
Screenshot 2018-02-25 at 10.33.21 AM by luckymagic1234567    
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luckymagic1234567Student Interface Designer
not bad girl or boy but i think your a grate game maker!!
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daualineHobbyist Artist
I love dress up games ( unless they're one of those Elsagate ones ) but i don't like the comment section of these games it's because of all of the " OMG KISS YOUR HAND 4 TIMES SEND THESE ON 23 GAMES LOL " comments just no
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this is so cool...Love it :)
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Isabel Isabel Isabel Isabel Isabel Isabel Isabel Isabel Isabel Isabel Jessica Jessica Jessica Jessica Jessica Jack Jack Jack
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Underfan366Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i made pinkamena :T
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SerithielHobbyist Artist
This is amazing!
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