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Metal Gear Tarot

a project I put together last month! Last year I fell headfirst into a) tarot and b) metal gear, and so, with all my love, I had to do this series.

edit (sept. 2017) the cards are available in my online store again!

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I LOVE THESE. thank you for making bb and kaz the lovers, haha
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The Fool is like picking flowers and stabbing people lol :D (Big Grin) 
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Ahhh this is really cool! The Sunny one is so cute ;v;
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thank you!!! that good egg!
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Now that's one cool tarot set! <3
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wow!! this is amazing !! i think youve done a gr8 job depicting the major arcana , i love it!
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I like the arcana, nice pictures
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This is really good, love it.
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These are amazing
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OMG best laugh I've had in a while! Not a fan of Metal Gear or Tarot, but the choices of characters and symbols, *chuckles*! well-drawn, true to the original symbols as well.
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Is it ok if I see a fryed egg in ,,The Sun''? o-o I`m sorry if it`s not...
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Now I'm not fan of metal gear... I'm not the sneaky don't get seen tactic game type I'm more of the kill it if it moves type... That aside I do like tarot and I also think that there should be more broader collectors decks for those who enjoy collecting tarot and also to expand on other franchises , and this deck is well drawn . I would only suggest that if it was to become a real deck that you should also show the designs for the 4 minor arcana houses. And if not traditional coins/pentacles, wand/staff, sword, cups , then show the correspondence to them I'd assume one would be guns for this deck.

My point though not my style but I think this is awsome .
So well made and keep up the good work .
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i like the lovers card hahahah !
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Although I'm not a Metal Gear fan, I do like your Tarot set!
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i don't know metal gear, but your tarots are awesome!! I love how the characters are perfectly fitting (?) with the tarot they represent :D

ps: happy late birthday!! ;D :D Birthday cake  icon 
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Awesome project!!!!

Mr Incredible 
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