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it's... time to catch my deviantart up....... (I've been so bad about this lol, I'm most active on twitter these days!) 
most notably, this year, hunter x hunter changed my LIFE 

(hisoka is.... ridiculous)

Prints have been added to my store here!
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🤩🤩 so cool
Phyllisophical's avatar
WindWaken this is actually really cool
WindWaken's avatar
im never not going to associate this character with those fics you showed me tbh
Phyllisophical's avatar
its a good way to think
RyderSylvia's avatar
That's cool! It looks like stained glass!
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I found your art through this Hisoka! lol I followed a chibi art of mine added to a Hisoka collection and found this. He is such a ridiculous but such a fun character. I love antagonists that are sorta on the fence, they're just who they are for the fun of it. 
Zorbonaut's avatar
Isn't that the bad guy from a Final Fantasy game?
KINGOOB's avatar
Very cool work.
Kirschpraline's avatar
Great style and coloring! Btw he reminds me of Hawk Eye (Sailor Moon) XD
JacalNelliee's avatar
Your art style is so unique and wonderful! It embodies Hisoka perfectly! 
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thank you so much <3
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Wow, so fabulous! The subtle swirls add a nice touch—are they an overlay?
cryptosilver's avatar
yes, they are! added digitally over watercolor!
EngelchenYugi's avatar
Wow, interesting concept and nice portrayal of this character!  :iconbunnyloveplz:

You did an amazing job on the coloring. All those hearts in the smoke are really good.

Just love how he holds the cards and looks so devious... ♥
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YES HISOKA! Hunter x Hunter is the best. Great fan art.
marvelleftw's avatar
Exactly my comment. Thx
KayVeeDee's avatar
Ohh this is so good! I really love how clean the lines are.
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