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Doug Funnie sin against nature

I had this idea in my head for a while. Which is probably indicative of a tumor.

Either way, Doug has gone TOO FAR.

"Very expensive!"
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So Where’s Porkchop’s Head?
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dr doug can't keep his urge to 'sin against nature' to a minimum, he looks cool as a surgeon though.......!
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This what happens when you don't go to therapy
Fe-Da-Lesk-Barndt's avatar
"Well Hello! Douglas!"
"Oh uh Hi Mr. Dinkchop" (Doug scratches back of head nervously)
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Featured in a recent HelterSkeeter video!

GamesGremlin's avatar
And it wasn't cheap XD
dmuze's avatar
Doug has the most fucked up fanart ever. EVER. I love it.
byakugan95's avatar
:rofl: this is so wrong, and yet so funny... :XD:
Ingrid-Tomorow's avatar
"very expensive" :D :D :D
Deddrie's avatar
I feel Reanimator should be redone completely in Doug characters.
nnguyen's avatar
omg i used too love this cartoon
i gotta:+fav: this
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Innocent-Darkside's avatar
Hilarious, messed up, and of course...VERY EXPENSIVE
AshuraSK's avatar
God, that just brightened my night. :+fav:
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SpandexIsRadical's avatar
Haha, that is warped but, so awesome.
DeadlyJerm's avatar
There really is nothing more epic than this, i used ot love this show when i was little.... and you... you sir are WIN.

This is well done AND disturbing, how all childhood role models should be.
ComedyNeutral's avatar
waaaoo realy nice!!!!
crashbandicootgirl's avatar
OMG doug=professional
LOL do ME next!
XKillerXFluffyX's avatar
Zomg wtf?

Lol, this is awesome!
Lina-the-demented's avatar
Oh Doug. You and your schizophrenia. I'm half expecting Skeeter to honk. Really. Sick. Funny.
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