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Kanto #095

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Curious to see if anyone catches something here ;>

Edit 21/03/2014

Wow, looks like everyone caught it, lol.

You're all nerds.

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WazzpinatorHobbyist General Artist
This rocks!
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TorathorProfessional Digital Artist
reminds me of shadow of the colossus
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This is brilliant. Haha~
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RainbowApparatusStudent Digital Artist
This is so cool asdfghjskkes
Also I thought this was rayquaza at first was green. I am so sorry. But awesome onix!
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MiscomunicationHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my god I love this. And are those Unown on his body?
MrKrookodile's avatar
Wow, it´s beautiful! Wouldn´t be surprised if someone mistook it for some mossy rocks.
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PicassoEnigmaHobbyist Artist
JumpySillyCornBread's avatar
The moss makes Onix look so much better. And I like the addition of the unknown. Trying to read them, but I can't quite make them out. Still, I wish this is what Onix looked like in the games
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PrcttyinkStudent Digital Artist
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IceFeather9110Hobbyist General Artist
this looks like something out of sotc! also, a lot of unknowns on it
Sharkinq's avatar
SharkinqHobbyist Artist
onix bae
BobbingforDreams's avatar
INCREDIBLE! He reminds me of that new Kirby enemy, Coily Rattler.
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PteraDragonStudent General Artist
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RiazeyHobbyist Digital Artist
Maybe it's just my eyes, but are those the unknown etchings for O, N, I, & X?
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SpectacleRockProfessional Digital Artist
Onix rocks (ahem), but I really dig the ruinous look and moss.
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Bluepisces97Professional General Artist
I love how you've used the unown as etchings on a lot of the pokemon ... awesome stuff!
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create2289Hobbyist Artist
YAY i am a Poke'mon nerd hi awesome onix!
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DreamingBudgieHobbyist Traditional Artist
Totally what an Onix should look like.
Sulfyr's avatar
I have the sudden urge to jump on it's back to epic orchestrated music and stab it in the head :>
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sacred2705Student General Artist
Yeah like shadow of the colossus.:dummywithasword: 
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samiyamsHobbyist General Artist
I just love how this looks >u< Also the Unknown in the pattern of the rock is really cool
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Midnight-SpecksProfessional General Artist
That is SICK. Awesome work. ^^
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