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Day 535. Cow and Chicken

double nipples

because reasons
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I freaking hated this show but it was funny
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Do you also have her dressed as SuperCow? :)
Chillyfoot's avatar
I remember this show!
That doesn't mean I liked it...
superxtoon's avatar
Haha bet thé red Guy would look awesome in you're style. XD
Lucifos's avatar
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oh shit not this show..

my 7 y.o. sister is obsessed with it help
she doesn't even recognize the things they do oml
waxypanda's avatar
This show is the reason I'm so disturbed.
rosheruuu's avatar
Cow Chikeeeen 
CatDogHeffer's avatar
Mama Had A Chicken Mama Had A Cow!
ShaneALF1995's avatar
Hey what about Chicken?
everyday-im-wumboing's avatar
i used to love this show as a kid.
cubs2084's avatar
This was a truly strange show
Jyellowstudio's avatar
"Wanna countmy TEETS"
I remember that line from the first episode, made me LOL.
WistfulGem's avatar
Oh gosh, I watched this show as a kid, it had so many adult references that went over my head :XD:
gypsyhasreturned1's avatar
Mama had a Chicken, Mama had a Cow, Dad was shocked, he called a Farmer and said "My wife had sex with your cow and chicken. I'm gonna sue. Ya hear? I'm. GOING. TO. SUE."
yellowpikmin88's avatar
I'd be even more shocked over the facts that they could speak and that a naked flamboyant devil was constantly following them :rofl:
caramelBEAR's avatar
Do you by any chance draw on an iPad?
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